The Wellness Universe Earth Day Quote of the Day by Anna Pereira

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The Wellness Universe Earth Day Quote of the Day by Anna Pereira

Earth Day is everyday. Awareness and action is required daily to replace, conserve, save. Plant a tree today and go from today forward with a deeper awareness of the one true provider, Mother Earth. Quote of the day by Anna Pereira with expanded thought below.

Earth Day Quote by Anna Pereira via The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #EarthDay #Quote

Today is Earth Day, and tomorrow? Will you remember the Mother who nurtures us, feeds us, clothes us?

Who shelters us, provides for us …. And we take and take and take.

Will you remember when you throw out that bottle, newspaper, old computer with it’s toxins? Will you remember where things should be disposed of so our Mother gets a little less poisoned? A little less stripped of virgin raw materials?

Will you remember to replace what you took? Even if you didn’t take it with your hands, whatever you use, consume, delight in, to exist, was derived from our Mother Earth.

Every… Single … Thing…

So let everyday be Earth Day. Be aware of where things came from. Recycle, renew, conserve, replace.

Today plant your tree, sow your seeds … Tomorrow go back and give it love … and maybe plant another.

Seconds to destroy, thousands of years to replace … and replace what we can, while we can. Don’t wait for a day on the calendar. If the sun rose today, then it is Earth Day.

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