Emergency Relief & Reset – How the Feeling Heart is Affected

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How the Feeling Heart is Affected

The Wellness Universe supports your emotional wellness and mental health wellness journey. In March 2022 an event was dedicated to serving you with wellness experts, information, and self-care tools to get you through these extraordinary times of stress, grief, loss, anxiety, and fear.

Today we are featuring Hema Vyas, The Omnipreneurial Psychologist ™ speaker & mentor. She shares a simple self-care tool in this video. Her segment comes from Emergency Relief & Reset, Emotional Repair & Resilience for Turbulent Times made a significant impact on those coping with stress and anxiety and we hope it helps you too.

How the feeling heart is affected

Both ancient wisdom and modern science show us that the heart is more than just a vital organ: it is an intelligent field of energy in constant communication with our minds, bodies, other people, and our environments.

We each play a part in an interconnected whole, when one of us hurts, we all hurt. A brief, deep dive into the significance of the heart space, the importance of clearing space in the heart, and of alignment in heart, mind, and body. A return to unity consciousness in ourselves and in our world allows every living organism to thrive.

This session also includes a gentle Gyana yoga posture and meditation to create inner harmony. Gyana yoga (popularly known as Kundalini) is the yoga of knowledge. It can help us powerfully heal the effects of both collective and personal heartache on the energetic spaces of our hearts. You can practice this for 1,3,7 or 11 minutes daily for optimal positive impact.

We are greater than the sum of our parts. Let\’s journey into the heart space together, healing ourselves for humanity.

Thank you for watching. We hope this helped.

To learn more about How the Feeling Heart is Affected, connect with Hema Vyas today!

. Featuring six Wellness Universe experts, each with a different tool and support for your best well-being.

*Originally published on April 12, 2022.

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