Heal Now While You Still have The Chance

Our physical existence is precious, we have to treasure it.

Why do I have a physical body at all? What is it for?

Contrary to popular human belief the physical body is not a tool for chasing pleasure but to aid the awakening, healing, and expansion of the Soul.

Discomfort is the healing signal

Most people still chase a comfortable happy life, a physically happy life. But the very fact that you are reading this means that you have noticed that this is a brief phase of pleasure.

I chased worldly pleasure myself until I awoke and switched to bright energy and Light Healing journey.

In my twenties and early thirties, I was successful in the world, I had a well-paid job, and I was fit and healthy. On the outside, I appeared to ‘have it all.’ But I had a deep sense of discontent. This isn’t enough, this can’t be it, there must be more!

I suddenly found myself watching religious and spiritual movies which wasn’t like me at all.

Then one Sunday afternoon I was sitting in the bath glancing through a glossy women’s magazine. Why did I buy this, I never read these! When I saw an advert for ‘Tai Chi for relaxationwith a picture of a Chinese lady. I felt a soft warm stirring in my lower abdomen and my heart began to flutter. I definitely need that; I’ll call the number tomorrow.

The following day I searched through the magazine but found no trace of the advertisement. The message had come from above.

My first calling was to practice Tai Chi, yours may have been to another discipline. The beauty is we have had the calling for more than the material world can offer.

Since then, my spiritual path has continued to unfold, and after years of personal release and healing, I have found my true calling and purpose is to help others along their healing journey.

Taking the next leap

Now that you are awake you may have noticed that your own spiritual journey can be confusing, even frustrating. Don’t worry this is normal!

We are not perfect; we all have a history of good and bad. We carry our experiences in our bodies, emotions, mind, and energy. When the negatives begin to show, we have a choice. To continue to hide in worldly pleasures or to follow a healing path.

What does it mean to live above worldly pleasure and comfort?

To rise above the habit of chasing fleeting moments of comfort, we take a step out of human suffering into eternal love and deep inner peace.

The power of love’s presence heals your soul

The true healing and awakening journey is not for the comfort of your personality but for your Soul. To help it joyfully evolve until your consciousness merges back into your True Self.

The Ling Chi Healing Meditation Program is a pure Healing Light course. It will help you connect with your Soul more deeply and assist you in letting go of harbored discomfort on the different levels of physical, emotional, and mental.

You will watch negative energies dissolve in Love’s Healing Light and feel the relief and freedom that this brings whilst you are held in peaceful Divine presence.

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