Heart Alchemy: The Journey from Head to Heart

Heart Alchemy: Why the Journey from Head to Heart Is the Greatest You\’ll Ever Make

Contrary to its connotations of medieval sorcerers and fairytale myths, we all hold the power of the alchemist within us. Every one of us can achieve alchemy of the heart.

But what is alchemy, and what does it mean to alchemise the heart?

The process of alchemy is that of transforming physical base materials into solid gold. Within the context of the heart, these base materials are intangible qualities, experiences, negative thoughts and feelings, and memories that can be transformed into more positive energies to enrich your journey in this world. The alchemical process brings you to your true essence; your inner state of gold.

From this golden space, you can uncover the blueprint of your own destiny. With this blueprint as your honest guide, you can set out on the path to true prosperity.

This path of prosperity that begins within the alchemised heart space leads to optimal health, abundance, and passion. It opens you to deeper relationships and connections in all forms, as well as, to authentic romantic love.

In this state, we awaken to how and who we’re here to serve. It’s where ultimate fulfillment lies. It’s the ground of enduring bliss.

Until you have alchemised your heart and reached this state of pure gold for yourself, it can sound too good to be true, but it is true. It is truth.

From 3D to 5D: The Journey from the Mind to the Heart

The process of heart alchemy is one of the greatest journeys we will make in our life: the journey from our minds to our hearts.

The heaviness and traumas of life can cause us to shut down our vulnerable hearts and retreat to mental-focused living. As a result, the majority of us modern humans operate from the third dimensional, egotistic mind.

But the mind can be a tricky place to live, it creates stories, sends us into spins of anxiety, and sweeps us up into whirlwinds of fear and panic. The mind keeps us anchored in the third dimension of duality and suffering.

But the heart is the portal to our ascension into the fourth and fifth dimensions of compassion, wholeness, and intuition.

Contrary to our perceptions of the heart as delicate and sentimental, the state of gold within our hearts is as indestructible as real gold. Finding our way here is an unwavering liberation, an ascension, a transformation of the old into the new.

From Pain to Love: How to Alchemise the Heart

Discover your Conditioning

The first step to the alchemy of the heart lies in recognising that we are all comprised of conditioned thoughts and beliefs that aren’t our own. We hold onto constructed, manufactured ideas we believe to be true but are not actually a part of who we are.

These stories we believe to be true about ourselves are unknowingly adopted from our family, society, culture, our friends, and the media. We collect them as memories, fears, and beliefs from our own childhoods, we inherit many more from our parents and even carry them in our DNA from our ancestors.

This energetic debris is usually stored in our subconscious programming, meaning we need to do a little work to help us uncover what they are.

There are a number of modalities and techniques we can employ to guide us to where we’re holding onto these untruths. Meditation, mentoring, and therapy, can support us in recognising our blind spots and uncover the subconscious thoughts and programmes. Often, these are so ingrained in us, we can’t recognise them in ourselves.

An intuitive guide can reveal these blind spots for you within a co-creative space. Somebody who has alchemised their own heart will be able to translate your language so you can turn its unspoken wisdom into a powerful force for your personal expression to aid your alchemical journey.

Release your Subconscious Beliefs

Once we have begun to reveal our conditionings, we can start to release them. In releasing them, we stop living and behaving according to what they were telling us about ourselves. This dissolves the blocks posed to our heart energy, so it can flow freely and spiritedly and we can flow through life along with it.

There are many ways we can do this, but some of the most effective ones include yoga, journaling, sound healing, and Ayurveda.

Because our minds are not only in our heads but also in our bodies, physical practices are wonderful for shifting stagnant energies stored in our bodies that no longer serve us, and releasing them to be alchemised.

Gyana yoga, commonly understood as kundalini yoga, is particularly potent as it unites the powers of the breath, asana, chanting, mantra, and mudra into one simple practice to release old energies through our body’s meridians and the energy field through and around our hearts.

Why Alchemise the Heart?

Ultimately, every one of us is searching for something.

Almost everybody is holding a source of unhappiness because they have something missing in their lives. Whether they have beliefs and conditioning keeping them stuck in untruth, are actively escaping the truth, or are looking in the wrong places for joy and love.

When you alchemise your heart, you are able to stop searching outside of yourself, because you are suddenly able to connect with your own divinity. Once here, you discover that all of the joy and love you’ve been searching for already exist within you; they’ve been there all along, and they come as easily as you give them. This is true prosperity.

The heart is infinite, it is continuous, and so the more we uncover within it, the more we realise there is to uncover.

Heart alchemy, therefore, is the journey of a lifetime.

It is not necessarily easy, and it is certainly not a short one, but the lifelong, magical voyage of alchemy is, without a doubt, the most rewarding, transformational, and exciting journey you will ever choose to embark upon in this human life.

Are you feeling the call to alchemise your own heart and begin your life of pure gold?

Join Hema and experience ancient wisdom and practices to help navigate modern times. This 30-minute taster session will include a brief introduction to Hema’s Heart Alchemy philosophy, along with some practices designed to connect you with the magnetic power of your own heart. Be guided in a Gyana yoga posture to enhance wellbeing and creativity, and a short meditation journey of the imagination that you can continue to work with from the comfort of your home.

– Hema

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