How to Use a Pendulum for Guidance – Yes or No Questions

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Seeking answers? Need to know something right now? Using a pendulum for insight helps to connect with your intuition and clarify decisions, is a simple yet effective tool many turn to for its accuracy and ease of use.

Historically for hundreds of years, it was used as a spiritual tool, and scientifically the use of pendulums for dowsing has helped people find underground water and other resources. They can be used to discover illness, answers to questions, and so much more.

Are pendulums accurate? Many rely on them for answers to “yes” and “no” questions, to find illness in the body, to make life choices, to clarify and get more specific answers to decisions when you have several options in front of you.

If you are new to dowsing or using a pendulum, it is very easy. You probably are already aware of your spiritual connection and lean into your intuition, so this tool may come as a wonderful gift to guide you, just like many other resources and tools like crystals, spiritual cards, etc. pendulums empower you to help with decision-making.

Before anything, learning how to use a pendulum is important to connect with your pendulum for better readings and outcomes.

I bet you are excited to use a pendulum by now. Let’s get started!

Cleansing a Pendulum

Pendulum cleansing is a spiritual act. We are not talking about cleansing it with soap and water to remove grime, but the cleanse is to remove trapped energy from your pendulum. If it’s new, you want to cleanse the energy from its production and whomever handled it before, also to remove the energy from when you last used it.

Performing a ritual to cleanse your pendulum in preparation for use requires very little. You can use sage or the stick of Palo Santo from your Goddess Treasure Box.

Here’s how to cleanse your pendulum

Ignite your Palo Santo so that the smoke billows up from the stick. Hold your pendulum by the top of the chain, dangling down into in the sacred smoke stream. Focus on releasing burdensome energy from your pendulum. Thank your pendulum for its guidance. Ask it to support you, your journey, and your highest and greatest good as it helps you to answer your questions. Cleanse your pendulum as often as you feel needed.

Your “Yes” and “No” is unique to you. Test for your pendulum’s yes and no response.

Pay attention to the movement of your pendulum. The common movements are back and forth, right to left or left to right, clockwise circular motion, counterclockwise circular motion.

To learn your “yes” or “no” pendulum response, ground your energy and focus on your highest and greatest self to receive the answers you seek. Position your body for comfort and stability. Be seated in a comfortable place with a table in front of you to stabilize your arm. Steady your elbow of your dominant hand while holding the pendulum by the ball, ring, or charm at the top of the chain.

You are ready to ask a question. Ask a question you know the answer is an absolute “yes.” For example, “Is my name _______?” The pendulum will either start to swing clockwise or anti-clockwise, or from left to right, or right to left.

Next, ask a question for which the answer is an absolute NO. Observe which way the pendulum moves. You will note the response, and these are the “yes” and “no” actions for this interaction with your pendulum.

Your “yes” and “no” response may change, so do this with each new interaction and if you are asking questions on behalf of someone else. Psychics like to use pendulums to confirm or clarify their guidance as a second opinion of sorts, just like pulling tarot or angel cards, a pendulum is another tool to verify and tease out details for more clarity.

Ask a few warm-up questions for which you know the answers, this tests your pendulum in providing an accurate reading and that you are energetically connected.

Ask your question and let your pendulum answer

We all seek answers to questions we have about love, life, work, family, money, etc. You can ask your pendulum about anything. However, situations that you have control over and specifics are the best questions to ask.We all want to hit the lottery but asking if you will win the mega millions is not the best question because you have absolutely no control over that. The best questions for your pendulum are within your control.

For example:

  • Is __________ my soulmate?
  • Is this the best investment for me?
  • Will I get the promotion I interviewed for?
  • Is the cause of my headache due to a food allergy?

You can ask your pendulum just about anything.

You can use your pendulum to help you make a choice or learn what is best for you. For example, place some foods in front of you and ask if it serves you for your greatest good to eat these foods. Hold your pendulum above each food item. It will probably say “yes” to fruit and “no” to the candy!

Using a pendulum is fun, insightful, and reassuring when it comes to clearing up uncertainty. Use your pendulum on yourself or to help someone else. We love them which is why we included one in our Goddess Treasure Box!

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