If the Universe Really Wants Me to be Happy

If the Universe Wants Me to be Happy by Jim Phillips #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Happy

If the Universe really wants me to be happy, why then … 

If the Universe really wants me happy then why am I not? This is a question I get often from coaching clients finding it difficult to understand why they are not experiencing the degree of happiness they would like. And to create further frustration they feel they are doing the “things” so many say they need to do to enjoy happiness.

You have to be this way or that way. You have to engage in this form of religion or that spiritual practice. Seriously, if the Universe or GOD wants me happy why doesn’t the Universe or GOD just make everyone happy, including me?

Why have we been inundated with so many “answers” to this simple question, how can I be happy? After all, most people when asked will say that happiness is all that they want for themselves and others. If happiness is what we all want why has it become so elusive for so many?

Are we so caught up in who we believe we have to be or so focused on a particular method of obtaining happiness that we miss the point altogether?

“What if the essence of happiness is nothing more than living in the full expression of who we are and rejoicing in that expression, whatever that might be?” 

Could life really be that simple, just be me, fully, completely and wholly (holy) in everything I do in every moment? What if the Universe or GOD does provide the opportunity for happiness through our Self-expression, but because we believe it has to be more complicated we make choices that inhibit this expression and experience?

I can hear the comments now, why would I choose to not be happy when being happy is what I desire? Great question, why do you?

We can boil it down to a very powerful limiting belief held by many at some point in time.

“I am not worthy or deserving of the happiness I desire.”

Let’s look at this from a practical, yet tongue in cheek, perspective. Out of the 7 billion or so people on the planet, the Universe or GOD said, I am going to give happiness to everyone but (your name). Do you really think you’re that special that the Universe or GOD would single you out and treat you differently?

Here’s what I know to be true, “life withholds nothing from anyone, including happiness. Happiness is a choice we make based on our personal view and interpretation of life and our relationship with life. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are each born into the perfect circumstances for the full expression and experience of the intention of our Soul.

“Life is an equal opportunity experience”

If your view of life is that it is difficult and seemingly against you, that will be your experience. If you believe life is wondrous, mysterious and exciting, then you will experience life with wonder, excitement and yes, happiness.

Your happiness will stem from your joy and gratitude for being here at this moment and having the opportunity to live life in the manner that best serves your full expression.

Yes, but if GOD truly wanted me to be happy why am I not happy? Answer these questions, do you want your children to be happy? Are you responsible for their happiness?

We can have a strong desire for happiness for someone else, however, it is not up to us to provide it. We can contribute to their happiness, however, we are not responsible for their experience of happiness.

And so it is with GOD or the Universe. The responsibility is ours, fully, completely and wholly. We are provided every opportunity to live in happiness, regardless of events taking place in our respective and collective lives that would suggest otherwise.

Statements such as, I will be happy when, or I am not happy because, gives our personal power to what we say is responsible for our happiness.

We have all chosen to be here at this moment in time. We have all chosen the experiences we have had to this moment in time. We all have the power to choose how we will experience life from this moment forward.

I will end with guidance I was given several years ago when I was moving through a period of extreme self-doubt and self-unhappiness.

It is when we experience and express joy 
in the face of adversity 
that we truly know GOD’s love.

Until next time,


Original Source to article, with many thanks to Jim Phillips

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