QOTD for May 2nd by Jacqueline Conroy

QOTD for May 2nd by Jacqueline Conroy #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 2nd by Jacqueline Conroy.
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Here is her expanded thought …

The ‘what if’s’ create the contents for a long and tedious storybook called  “Procrastination”.

Chapter 1. “What if …. “

Chapter 2. “What if ……”

etc. etc. etc.

The Final Chapter will never to be written. Sound familiar?

Every experience is flavoured and coloured by your perceptions and beliefs. Your meaning making mind creates a storyline of assumptions sending you spinning into the “What ifs”.

Your mind has edited your experiencing of the moment.

Recently I experienced a “what if” spin. I was just about to follow the movement of a moment and all of a sudden the story-making mind engaged and started to observe and make assumptions, comparisons and perceptions of ‘maybe’ outcomes. I felt emotional, stuck and not complete in the days following.

Reflecting on that moment of possibility, I realised the mind had shifted into my ‘not worthy’ space. “You are not good enough to be doing this.” “What if you make a mistake?” “This sort of thing needs to be left to the experts – those who are good enough”. In that moment of possibility, I had started to colour the experience with my perceptions of what the outcome would be, sending me spinning into the “what ifs”.

We often hear the saying “tomorrow never comes” and I had missed the deeper truth of this saying. I was ready, I was able, and I was BE-ing. However, I must have believed that I would be more ready, more able, and more courageous “tomorrow”.

Staying in the experience of the moment, regardless of the outcome, allows you to feel the wonder, the excitement and gentle touch of connectedness. Your creativity. Your purpose.

Experiencing provides the opportunity to feel the expansiveness of your creativity, and allows you to commune with possibility. When an opportunity is given to you, approach the moment with humility, gentleness and reverence so that you can deeply sense the expansiveness of possibility.

The “what if’s” hold you back from experiencing your creativity and purpose. You will feel incomplete and stuck. The “what ifs” will colour your world grey with unworthiness.

If you become aware that you have passed up one opportunity, be compassionate and kind with yourself.

However BE ready because that experiencing moment will come again.

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