QOTD for May 4th by Jennifer Maki

QOTD for May 4th by Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #QOTD #Quote

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 4th by Jennifer Maki.
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Here is her expanded thought …

We all know when something\’s got its hooks into us; when the limits we face are those self-imposed. And when that familiar gnawing wakes us in the wee hours, relentlessly wills us, winds us up with whisperings of truth that we can no longer drown out or escape in the space between our busy, we also know it\’s time to take action.

The shape, size and weight of our vice matters not. But what does, is that these subtle (or not so subtle) distractions are robbing us of the life we deserve and so most assuredly require intervention.

The telltale is the grip it has on our freedom. When we realize avoidance has become our modus-operandi, it is essential to wake from the slumber of resistance and radically rise up.

Do you wake up feeling called to action and then take it? Do you vibrate with joy or hum with deep abiding peace? Or do you ache with overwhelm? Do the tasks at hand make you want to throw the covers over your head or lose yourself in a pail of Haagen-Dazs or a vat of vino?

Why wait a second to do that which will enlighten and enliven every experience you have yet to tap?

Ready or not, it\’s time to take on…

Your XG Mission – rrRadical Release
Engage in the 3 Rs of Radical Release – Reflect, Release and Rejuvenate, to reconnect with and reclaim self-control, conscious decision making and the brilliant future you deserve, living the life you are called to embrace.

Reflect on what has a grip on you.

Release at least one thing that does not serve your highest vision of your grandest life.

Rejuvenate by recognizing and recording throughout, how you evolve…Celebrating your YES!-You achievements all along the way.

Feel the freedom and magic that is ours when we take on Missions that ignite and fuel our most Xtraordinary, Game-Changing life!

“This quote and extended thought is an excerpt from a blog post, and book chapter from The Mad Hero\’s Handbook, due out Christmas 2016. For more details on how to engage in rrRadical release enter here…

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