In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. Part 4

In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. Part 4. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

My strong desire to continue speaking and sharing what I believed, hit a high point after speaking to a large group of real estate professionals. As I finished my presentation, several people made their way to the stage to ask a question or make a comment that was better asked privately than in the open forum of my presentation.

As I answered the question of a gentleman who was to my left, I caught the image of a woman approaching from my right. As my conversation with the gentleman ended, I glanced to my right and caught the eyes of the woman who had been approaching. As our eyes met, she said, “I saw you speak two years ago. What you said saved my daughter’s life.” With that, she turned and walked away.

To this day I don’t know who she was or what it was I said that could have changed her life.

What I did learn that day, however, is you never know who is in any given audience and you never know how you will impact another person.

This doesn’t only apply to a situation where you might be a featured speaker as I was on that day. This applies to life in general and any circumstance under which you might find yourself. There is always someone observing and being influenced by what they see; or better stated, what they perceive.

They may see others as positive, sincere, happy, and joy-filled, or those who are unhappy, angry, negative, or always blaming others for their life circumstances. Depending on their view of life, they could want to be like the happy, joy-filled version or like the sad, angry version. Or they could perceive the angry, sad version and say I don’t want to be that way and therefore be inspired to become more positive, happy, and joy-filled.

Experiences like this led me to the conclusion that we have the authority and power to choose how we will experience and express our self in the world; however, we do not choose the consequences of our expression.

It is essential we understand that life is the progressive realization of the truth; our individual and collective truth.

As we have this realization, which we all have based on our soul’s needs and desires in a lifetime, we live from the realization that is always a greater understanding of who we truly are.

As we live from this truth, we experience and express in the world from a higher perspective. As we continue experiencing and expressing from this higher perspective, we progress to a higher perspective, and again, to an even perspective. Each ascent in perspective is the progressive realization of the truth.

My next post, which is the last in this series, summarizes my experiences and understanding up to the time of this writing. It is only to this time because I hold passionately to this great understanding; “today what I know to be true, tomorrow might not be.”

Knowing that what I know to be true is only true until I receive new information or an experience that changes my understanding, frees me to be open and receptive to new ideas, perspectives and ways of being. It allows me to be free of the past which only demonstrates who and where I was in that moment.

What history are you holding onto that no longer serves you? What “truth” do you hold that is no longer true? What is true for you in this moment?

– Jim

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