How to Increase Sales and Get Local Clients

Where do I find clients? How can I increase sales and make people happy doing what I love?

The biggest challenge of an entrepreneur: Paying the bills … and yourself!

Nurturing a struggling business feels like we should throw in the towel. Granted, we love what what we do, but if we are constantly chasing the next sale, how can our business truly thrive? How do we increase sales?

Search vs. Ads

What if your ideal client found you more easily? Is there a way without spending oodles of marketing dollars on clicks and impressions that lead no-where? Should you place ads in the local paper? Should you do Facebook ads? Maybe. They work, but as with all advertising, someone seeing your ad may not need your service at that time and an ad does not convey customer satisfaction.

What does serve you and your business best is being served as a Suggested Local Business when someone searches for you.

Let your reputation speak for you.

Have you searched for a local restaurant, item or service in your area using Google? Even if you are visiting somewhere else, I am sure you have \’Googled\’ something you needed. It\’s still where people go to find what they are looking for, when they need it and look to the \’star rating\’ to help them make a decision, confidently. Oh to have 5 stars next to your listing! Reviews not only boost sales, they boost your position in search results.

They want to buy now. They have a need and are looking to purchase what they seek.

If you think having more local clients, more reviews and customers calling you would increase your revenue, watch this 1 minute video:


With so many health and wellness practitioners out there, being listed in The Wellness Universe directory as well as targeting locally just makes sense.

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