One Ripple: Join Us on A Movement to Spread Good

One Ripple: Join Us on A Movement to Spread Good by TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpreadGood

Political wars. Economic, racial, religious and gender divide. Natural disasters and climate change controversy.

Social media and mainstream news inundate us with these headlines. While we need to understand the challenges our planet faces, let us also not forget the beauty, love, compassion, and kindness that exists as well. Time and time again we have witnessed it. We see it every time some sort of tragedy happens.

It\’s humanity in action.

People that put their own worries and problems aside to ease the hurt and suffering of someone else. But it also happens every single day throughout the world that we never know or hear about. Someone’s best friend who shows up at their house with a good movie and some ice cream to help ease their broken heart. The person in the store who pulls their wallet at the check-out to cover somebody because they are a bit short. The young man who helps an elderly woman across the street. The random stranger who smiles at you and lifts your spirits on the day you really need it.

The Wellness Universe and our community of WU World-Changers want to put a spotlight on the everyday acts of compassion, kindness, love, and peace and create a movement to spread even more good around the world.

On September 21st, we will be launching One Ripple in honor of International Day of Peace. We are intentionally setting aside this day to create momentum and ONE massive ripple that will spread good all over the world.

We often wish for a better and more peace-filled world, but what if you could do it right now? What if something simple you did was the most powerful thing you could do to help save someone, in some way? What if we chose to use social media for good instead of rants, arguments, and outrage?

Let\’s stop hoping for a better world and let\’s create one. Let’s step up and remember who we truly are and how connected we are as humans no matter what dotted line separates us in the world from someone else.

Please join One Ripple and share this movement!

RSVP ‘going’ and be sure to invite your friends and loved ones.

It’s 3 simple steps:

To make it easy, we\’ve even included a list of over 100 ways to create ripples and included a profile image for you to share across your social media channels and also the message to share!

We need you. The world needs you. Let’s create a tidal wave on 9/21! Will you be part of the ripple?

Remember, Humanity in Action!
– The Wellness Universe  Team 

Join One Ripple and help create a ripple of Peace, Love, and Kindness around the World!

Join The Wellness Universe on September 21st, 2017, in honoring U.N. International Day of Peace by joining the One Ripple movement. Let’s use social media to create something beautiful, together!