Insights and Inspirations: Advice You\’d Give A Child

Insights and Inspirations: Advice You'd Give A Child

Insights and Inspirations: Advice You\'d Give A Child

Insights and Inspiration: Advice You\’d Give A Child?

We asked some of our experts, our WU World Changers what advice they\’d give a child to encourage them to be their best, and we received some really inspiring answers! Read what they had to say below!

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If you could offer a child one piece of advice to encourage them to grow up to be their best, what would it be?

Preparation for life starts early as does success. Take a walk down \’memory lane’ and think back to what things you heard as a child. If there was one piece of advice you wish an adult would have told you back then, what would that be?

At times, as adults, we underestimate what a child needs to hear, and when. However, they are always listening and absorbing information like sponges. The information they are listening to embeds in their mind, so it’s important that they do not hear negativity to avoid internalizing it.

So, what piece of positive advice do you wish you had been told as a child and also feel you were ready to receive? Share with us what you think children need to hear to have more confidence, will make them feel good, and also sets beliefs that are positive and conducive to a foundation of self-love and self-respect.

“I was blessed to grow up in a loving home, but we weren’t encouraged to talk about or demonstrate any negative emotions. I would have loved to have heard, ‘Follow Your Heart,’ ‘You don’t have to know all the answers,’ ‘Adults are not always right,’ ‘We love and support you every step of the way,’ ‘You aren’t expected to do it perfectly and you can’t get it wrong.’

I believe we are all beloved children of the Divine and uniquely perfect. My wish for children or our own inner child is that deep within you is the source of your wisdom, creativity, and desires.  Follow that inner wisdom, follow the joy, follow your heart for it truly does know the way.”


Janette Stuart

Emissary of Joy

“As a child, I heard lots of negatives and ‘you cant’s.’ I was told, ‘children should be seen and not heard,’ and that kind of statement does NOT produce a happy and confident child. I wish I had heard, ‘yes you can do anything your heart desires as long as it’s good for you and others around you,’ ‘Follow your Heart and believe in yourself!’ ‘We love and support you in doing what makes you shine and brings light and love to the world.’ ‘We (and others) may not always agree with you, but you have the right as a divine child of God to speak your truth and we will listen!’

Unconditional love and freedom of expression is a treasure to which every child (and adult) is entitled; when no one is harmed or hurt along the learning journey. I think the one I value at this point in my life is from Wayne Dyer. I paraphrase: When given the choice to be right or kind, choose kind.”

Ricki McKenna

Functional Nutritionist and Foodie

“Words I Wish I Said to My 5 Children More Often (And will, starting today):

‘You are more than enough.’ ‘You are valuable and lovable and perfectly imperfect.’ ‘You don’t need to prove yourself to me or anyone else.’ ‘You only need to be true to you, be true to your authentic self, holding tight even during times of storm.’

‘Your gifts are not meant to be hidden. They are not meant to be squandered. You are the only one that can bring your unique gifts and your unique voice to the world. Be you. Be proud. The world needs you.’”

Melissa Kalt, MD

Doctor of the Soul

“Children need to feel loved and accepted. To praise them and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings is important. Encouraging them to continue on when they experience failure, and to get up again and keep going when they fall, are crucial.

My advice for children is to please do not ever give up on your dreams! Do not let others negative opinions affect your decisions when it comes to doing something you are passionate about. There is always someone to help you and guide you in the right direction so do not be afraid to ask. Don’t let anyone dim your light because you are special and unique with a beautiful loving heart. Choose your company wisely and always keep a positive attitude. Believe in yourself!

Children need to feel important and understood. They appreciate a listening ear as well as a bit of patience from the adults in their life. Children are the future and it is our job to ensure they are ready and feel confident to be successful adults.”

– Samantha Cervino

Energy healer, WU ambassador, Self-Development Coach and Writer

“The advice that I would give a child or children is to continue to shine their inner sparkle. Most importantly, to teach them about life on earth, which we are never given a manual for. Feel your emotions, keep your heart open, and do not let anyone dampen your inner essence; who you truly are. Humans may not understand you, they have forgotten themselves about that inner sparkle. They still have it, yet it is buried under a mass of experiences, betrayals, and disappointments.

Even though you may feel that you are completely alone, you never are. You are loved more than you will ever know and supported more than you can ever imagine. The universe always has your back. Never stop believing.”

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner, Energy Medicine Specialist, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, and Author

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