SOCCEREX SPOTLIGHT: Deborah Whitney, Pure Sports Recovery

The Soccerex Wellness Zone Spotlight on Deborah Whitney, Founder and Executive Director of Pure Recovery California.

Soccerex USA takes place this year in Miami, Florida at Marlin’s Stadium on November 15-16. The Wellness Universe proudly brings top-level coaches, therapists, methods and products to you in the Soccerex Wellness Zone.

Please meet Executive Director of Pure Sports Recovery, Deborah Whitney and get o know how they are transforming lives through their unique practice.

Introduce yourself and Pure Sports Recovery:

My name is Deborah Whitney, I am the Founder and Executive Director of Pure Sports Recovery aka Pure Recovery California. I had a vision to bring together the best of the latest scientific advancements and treatment to the field of Sports Behavioral Health, Addiction, Concussion, and Brain Peak Performance by making sure athletes had access to the most cutting-edge, evidenced-based treatment in the country. After years of serving in healthcare in various roles and bringing translational organizations together (from science bench to patient), I understood the challenges and necessity of treating the whole person,(body, mind, and spirit) so athletes could overcome their behavioral health or substance misuse-problem and be fully engaged in the present moment..
So, what are you bringing to Soccerex?

At Soccerex we will be demonstrating the power of the Pure Sports Recovery programs which use advanced neuroscience to treat athletes for behavioral health issues addiction, TBI and return them to peak performance.

You are obviously an expert in your area, but why do you feel Soccer needs your service/product?

Soccer has an extremely high rate of concussions which can affect a players behavioral health, cognitive function, create addiction issues and impact overall performance. The Pure Sports Recovery programs return athletes to peak performance which creates career longevity and an optimal quality of life. For teams it ensures players operate at their peak performance, minimizes disruptions and creates a winning environment.

How will an individual benefit from your expertise?

Athletes who participate in the Pure Sports Recovery program will benefit by returning to peak performance, increasing career longevity and optimizing their mind and body.

How will an organization benefit?

Teams can benefit by having athletes go through the Pure Sports Recovery programs which can return players to peak performance increase their cognitive function, attention span and focus as well as address any behavioral health or addiction issues players might be experiencing. We take players who are having issues and turn them into the teams future MVP’s.

How can you deliver your product or service?

The Pure Sports Recovery programs are provided to athletes at our state-of-the-art-facilities perched steps from the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful Channel Islands. For many of our programs, we also travel to team headquarters worldwide.

How can you be contacted?

The best way to reach us is to call our company number (800) 714-0340, email me at [email protected], on my website, or on my Wellness Universe profile.

Meet Deborah in booth 123 and attend her talks on the Wellness Stage once on Thursday 11/15 and once on Friday 11/16:

  • Signs and Symptoms, Athlete Burnout: 

How to identify early signs of symptoms of struggling athletes and the potential mental health implications that could sideline your players.

  • Sports Brain Training:

How Peak Performance Brain Training, performance enhancement without medication can maximize an athlete’s consistent performance, longevity and winning edge.


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