Insights and Inspirations: Reformat A Negative Thought

Insights and Inspirations: Reformat A Negative Thought by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #NegativeThought

Insights and Inspirations: How Do You Repel and Reformat A Negative Thought?

We asked some of our experts, our WU World Changers how they repeal and reformat a negative thought, before allowing it to anchor itself in their mind, and we received some really inspiring answers! Read what they had to say below!

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Do you have a technique that you use to bring your awareness back to positive thinking and positive well-being? 

As many of us already know, once a negative thought, self-criticism, and/or judgment (from self or others) enters our consciousness, we can easily get sucked down the rabbit hole and become fixated on the negative. Over time, these thoughts and beliefs anchor themselves in our mind and can easily be triggered. Additionally, the shadow remnants of a negative thought can sit and fester, even when we are unaware of them. They run in the background of our thoughts and behaviors similar to a computer program.

Before you allow a negative thought the opportunity to grow roots, how do you personally identify one that is entering your mind, repel it, and then reformat it? How do you bring awareness back to your truth, your reality, and your positive state of mind?

What advice could you offer to someone that is dealing with a negative thought? What do you suggest that they do so they can find their way back to balance and well-being?

“Thoughts influence our emotions and vice versa. Our Emotional Guidance System (EGS) is a wonderful tool which we can utilize to improve our overall state of being and quality of life. Negative thinking and emotions are common and experienced by us nearly every day of our lives. Negativity can be extremely addictive too and many people are so consumed by it that they accept it as a perfectly normal way of life. They have forgotten or don’t even realize that it’s an experience they chose for themselves. No person or event has any power over your thoughts or emotions except yourself, I.e. you are your own worst enemy. This is a life transforming realization because it inspires us to become optimistic, thereby attracting positive emotions and corresponding life experiences more frequently, e.g. If peace is what you truly desire, then peace is what you will seek and attain.

Our human EGS allows us to use our negative emotions as an alarm or signal to become aware and avoid being absorbed by our negative thoughts. Our responses begin to improve and are no longer reactionary. Just as negativity or suffering can be addictive, so too can positivity resonate with us and imbue our lives. In fact, our natural state is that of well-being. It explains why pure positive inspired thoughts, words and actions are far more powerful than negative ones. Our EGS gauges how our negative or positive thinking is directly influenced by a correlating emotion in us. Instead of playing the victim role we are now the conscious observer in control of both our thoughts and emotions. This is incredibly liberating because we realize that it’s all self-induced. Positive, love-based, emotions begin to preempt all negative, fear-based, emotions. Nothing is more important in life than that you feel good!”

Gus Southey

Law of Attraction Coach and Energy Healer

“Happiness is an inside job. As an empath my boundaries sometimes are meshed. When negative thoughts come into my mind, I have to discern if these are mine, someone else’s or part of collective consciousness. I ask the universe, if these are not my thoughts, remove them from my space immediately. If these are not my thoughts, I experience an immediate shift in my energy field and the thought dissipates and is removed.

If the thought remains, I allow myself to experience the thought and the emotions that it brings up. I have found that the thought triggers an emotional response or sensation in the body, which we tend to want to push away, ignore, and or deal with it later. I accept that I do not want to have this thought or feeling, and I am having it in this very moment. I appreciate the thought, feel it in my body, embrace it, and love it up as if I would my favorite pet; unconditionally without judgment or criticism. I noticed as I do this, the intensity of the thought and the emotional response that I am having seem to resolve and disappear.”

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner, LifeStyle and Wellness Coach, Workshop Leader and Author

“What we pay attention to, we give energy, causing it to grow. Knowing this principle is a powerful motivator on how to respond when any comment, personal thought, or internal judgment comes toward us. If someone makes a hurtful comment or leaves me feeling judged, the first action I take is to remind myself that I have a choice about where I place my own attention! I can decide if I want anyone to take me away from feeling good. If I don’t, I invoke another principle: ‘Pay attention, not to what you want to overcome, but to what you want to become.’ To me, it’s a waste of my time to attempt to repel a negative thought coming from outside, because of that same first principle that what we pay attention to, we give energy to, and it grows. I just send my attention where I want it to go.

Instead of allowing another person’s words or actions to take me away from feeling good, I take action that I know will both lead me to feel good and will put me in the most positive position in my day and in my life. I can take a walk, call a great friend, watch a funny movie, dance to my favorite music, or throw myself into planning something fun for my life, instead of continuing to pay attention to what led me to feel bad.

In my learning, all of life is lived from ‘the inside out.’ I can change the kinds of experiences I have with others by changing the kinds of experiences I have with myself. When I no longer judge myself, for example, others also do not judge me. When I make sure that I focus on loving, especially and including loving myself, others are drawn to be loving toward me also. I made a decision to live this way in the early 1990’s. Now that I’ve been traveling for a year and a half through the US and Canada in my RV, many people have asked me what negative experiences I’ve had along the way. My answer: None!

Nearly 25 years ago, I decided to love myself no matter what, and to deal with every situation that arises in my life as lovingly as I possibly can. I have cultivated this as a life pattern. Yet another principle for living is: ‘What we have inside of us, we tend to attract from outside of us.’ This is what has been happening. People have been incredibly loving to me. I have had people’s help in making repairs on my RV, providing me with free places to park my home on wheels, inviting me to go fishing with them on the Bay of Fundy, giving me garden-grown vegetables, taking me to dinner or to a musical concert, etc.! The real answer to this question is for us each to cultivate loving ourselves, being kind to ourselves, loving others, wishing ourselves peace, wishing others peace, and deciding to dedicate our lives to the practice of love, no matter what!”

Ilene Dillon, MSW

Emotional Mastery Expert

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