Inspiration for December 5th by Jody Doty

Inspiration for December 5th by Jody Doty #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Inspiration

Learn the details and benefits of a soul reading with the featured Inspiration for December 5th by Jody Doty via The Wellness Universe.

What is a Soul Reading?

I am a Soul Reader, an intuitive, a seer, clairvoyant, medium, and soul whisperer. The question that I\’m most often asked is, “What is a soul reading and how is it beneficial?” A soul reading is quite literally a neutral, spiritual “look” at the spirit, the soul, the eternal divine core essence of who we are, the love and light that shines within us, that is what makes us who we are.

The body is the physical exterior that contains the soul, the outer reflection of the inner you. You could think of your soul as your divine driver and your body as your Earthly vehicle.  Sometimes we forget who\’s in charge and instead of operating from the higher divine source, we are purely focused on the physical reality, what we can see, hear, taste and feel around us. The body is only part of the picture.

A soul reader looks at both aspects, the beauty of the spirit within and the outer physical shell. Everything is comprised of energy. The reader uses their divine, neutral clear sight, as well as other spiritual gifts often with assistance from their source and divine beings, to see, sense, hear, know, tap into and interpret the light, color, sounds, signs, symbols, words, pictures and memories stored in the body.  You could liken it to looking at and reading a grand collection of the stored photograph albums, scrapbooks, and journals of all of the experiences of the soul.

A soul reading gets to the heart of the truth. It validates the creations that the soul has manifested in the body. A reader looks at the energy stored within and can see how it affects the physical body. A reading can provide insights into the spiritual and physical cycles a person is experiencing. A reader can see blocks and barriers to movement and growth, where and how we are pulled physically and emotionally out of alignment with who we are as a spirit, and help bring the awareness away from the past and the future, back to the present moment; the place of inner peace, clarity, where  bodies operate best. A soul reader can see the energy affecting the body\’s survival, emotions, sexuality, power, affinity, communication, clear seeing, and connection with the divine source.  Often readers can see the energy of others, living and passed, that affect us and share messages, insights, symbols and comfort that assists during times of transition, grief and healing.

There can be great healing that occurs when we realize we are not just our physical body. We are both our body and our spirit. The soul is timeless. Bodies are finite. Ideally, we are here to learn, to experience, to grow. Being in touch with the divine, the higher perspective can help us to weather the storms of the body, to learn the lessons more easily, to work in companion with our body and not fight the process of growth. A soul reader and reading helps to light your path, recall your divine purpose, validates your body\’s creations, facilitates healing of your body-spirit lessons and honors your journey home to self.

– Jody Doty, Soul Reader

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