Inspirational Quote for December 6th by Zoe Escher

Inspirational Quote for December 6th by Zoe Escher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Quote

Enjoy The Wellness Universe Inspirational Quote for December 6th by Zoe Escher.
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I live in a small country called Denmark, which is situated in Scandinavia and has 5 million citizens. Denmark is a very homogeneous country that does not have this big variation as you see in larger countries with far more citizens.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with an American woman from Florida who lived many years in Europe and in several European countries.

She asked me, what is happening in Denmark?

I have never lived in a country where there are so many people focused on whether you are married, have a job, live in a house, and have 2.6 children (the average in Denmark).

In Denmark, there are many who grow up with the image of a “perfect life” as getting an education, finding a nice job, buying a nice house, getting married and having 2 kids, preferably when you are in your 30\’s. The problem with this picture is that it is an image which the public society has created. It has no basis in the real world.

There are many who are married and have children because they “must”; as if they were sitting with a checklist. This has the consequence that even though they appear to live a “perfect life” from the outside, there are many who are not really happy inside because they compromise on their personality and dreams. They live a life designed by the society instead.

I believe that if I am true to the person I am, my values and what is right for me, I will be a happier person even if it is different and I stand out from the crowd. For me, it is not essential to have children, be married or live in a house. I must say that I do not have children or a boyfriend.

For me, it is important that I live my dreams. I have peace and balance in my life and I have a life that I am really pleased with. I do also have great success in my business and as Japanese trained sushi chef & sake sommelier.

I do stand out from the crowd and people also notice what I am doing. Some react with jealousy and envy and others think it is cool.

One life is not necessarily better than the other. I just know that if I do not live a life in accordance with my personality, embracing life with open arms and living my dreams, I will be on my deathbed very angry at myself for not have lived my life.

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