Inspiring Quote for December 27th by Dru Ann Welch

Inspiring Quote for December 27th by Dru Ann Welch

Become an Empowerer not an enabler with the featured Inspiring Quote for December 27th by Dru Ann Welch via The Wellness Universe. 

How often have you been asked about something and, rather than taking the time to show the person how to do whatever was asked, you simply do it for them because it is quicker and easier? For all of us, the answer is probably quite a bit.

If something seems easy to you and someone else does not understand it, we are more likely to simply save ourselves the trouble of teaching and repeating ourselves and just get the task done. Unfortunately, this is a great disservice to us and to the person we are working with. By not taking the time to teach them how to do whatever the task is, we create a scenario where they become dependent on us in some ways to do this for them all the time. We are enabling them to become dependent. To take it a step further, we may be teaching them to be co-dependent people. So yes, it may be easier but who is it actually helping?

On the flip side, when you take the time to teach someone how to do something you are offering them a chance to grow. Each time we grow, we come more into our place of personal power. As we become empowered we gain self-confidence. This allows us to begin to believe that we too can teach others and help them grow. We begin a cycle of empowerment that multiplies as it grows.

My father taught me that knowledge was power. Once you learned something it became yours and no one could ever take it away. I didn’t really get that totally growing up but I sure get it now! I think the other half of this is that teaching is also power. When you show someone how to do something, you are sharing your power with them. You are increasing their understanding and you are both growing by the shared venture. You may even learn something new by sharing your power with someone else.

Take a moment and be aware the next time you feel like just doing it yourself because it is easier and take the opportunity to be an empowerer. When we begin to do this regularly we actually become the true change we want to see in the world.

Now go out and empower someone today! Blessings!

Dru Ann