Inspiring Quote for January 19th by Nancy Rainwater

Inspiring Quote for January 19th by Nancy Rainwater #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #InspiringQuote

Embrace the positive and inspirational things going on around you with the featured Inspiring Quote for January 19th by Nancy Rainwater.

What if I’m right? What if the “Pollyannas” of the world and I are right? What if you could produce more positivity in the world around you if you focused on the Good rather than the negative, mean, degrading stuff? What if? We have certainly seen time and again how one tyrannical, malicious person can tip a crowd, even a country, toward the negative side of the scale. What if you could do the same with positivity? Of course and without a doubt it is just as likely possible, isn’t it?

Have you tried to be a positive influence? Now to be sure, you must stick with it, be consistent and focused over a long period of time. Remember, what you do and say matters, always. Try it.

Start small. Choose a small situation or group of people close to you. See yourself as the key to creating a positive atmosphere. Believe. Look for every single good thing and praise it, acknowledge it, talk about it with positive encouraging words, emulate it, multiply it, be it. Be persistent. Ignore the naysayers – yes, there are almost always naysayers; you will find that beginning to be a Pollyanna is not for the faint of heart, but it gets easier the more you think it’s easy. Refuse to be deterred.

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