Inspiring Quote for January 7th by Don Shapiro

Inspiring Quote for January 7th by Don Shapiro #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InspiringQuote

Never lose hope that the path to a better place already exists and is waiting for you with the Inspiring Quote for January 7th by Don Shapiro. 

Sometimes life presents us with what appears to be insurmountable obstacles. Instead of a fork in the road, there’s a pitchfork blocking our way. Maybe you’ve noticed that life is like that.

During those times, we may be so consumed with what we face that we find it difficult to step back and see this in the context of the ebb and flow of our life. A big branch on our tree of life has encountered a wall and now must find a new direction to grow.

Moving from where we are to a better place can take time, patience and frequently test us with more obstacles. The better place we seek may also be hidden from us for a while. If you are waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, you might be waiting forever.

Often, you can move forward by making tiny choices that alter reality and history. You may have to do undesirable things. You may have to let time pass. You may have to do a lot of small things before you make something big happen.

Tiny choices can be the key that unlocks a path to a better place. Instead of looking for the big change, the big decision, the big answer, start looking at tiny choices you can actually make that will shift things in minor ways. These choices may appear to have nothing to do with the pitchfork in front of you.

Yet, when you make these tiny choices and take these little actions, it changes everything…

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