IOTD for April 5th by Sharon Carne

IOTD for April 5th by Sharon Carne #WUVIP #IOTD #InspirationOfTheDay

IOTD for April 5th by Sharon Carne

“Your favorite song changes your biochemistry, which allows you to change what you’re perceiving as ‘difficult’ in your life. As your perception changes, you’re offered a choice. This choice changes your world or keeps it the same. Either way – you are BRILLIANTLY POWERFUL!”

It still all comes down to CHOICE. Studies have found that there is a ‘neural cocktail’ of hormones released by your nervous system whenever you play music with others, sing or listen to your favorite song. These hormones include dopamine (the ‘feel good’ hormone), oxytocin (the bonding hormone), serotonin and several others that boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

This explains why many of us reach for our favorite tunes when we need to shift our mood. And why it works!

Studies have also shown that ‘seeing the glass as half empty’ or a more pessimistic perspective releases hormones, which, over time, damages your health. Your nervous system responds with the release of hormones that are intended to protect you – cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone) and adrenaline.

These physical changes increase your strength and stamina, reduce your reaction time, and sharpen your focus – preparing you for either fight or flight if you are in danger. But, these hormones can also be released over and over again by your thoughts and emotions.

We do it all the time! It’s called worry, or fear, or anxiety. The effect of an ongoing onslaught of cortisol and adrenaline is so damaging to your health that the World Health Organization is now calling stress the “epidemic of the 21st century.”

The problem is that these habits of thinking are persistent. The gift in your favorite song is that by lightening your mood, you have brought yourself to a point of choice. You can change how you typically ‘see’ things.

Whenever you lighten your mood, you are given the opportunity of shifting your perspective or perception to a more positive place. Making a choice is an expression of the brilliant power inherent in every human being!

– Sharon


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