QOTD for April 6th by Mateja Petje

QOTD for April 6th by Mateja Petje #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 6th by Mateja Petje.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Have you been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately? Cranky? It\’s time to re-evaluate your priorities. Most of us have been raised in Western culture that emphasizes hard work, long hours, and material possessions. Most people don\’t take sick time, let alone vacation. Growing up in Eastern Europe, in a socialist democrats society, the concept of having to work while sick or not taking a vacation was foreign to me. When I moved to South Florida in Oct 1997, my first corporate job only gave me 5 days after a year! That\’s when I decided to do whatever I can to take charge of my life and obtained my Master\’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling with the goal of starting my own coaching practice which is becoming a reality every day. People don\’t understand how dangerous chronic stress can be.

Stress has been found to play a role in so many diseases of modern life – from asthma, depression, and migraine flares to heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. When you overdo it and try to do too much, your body will give you signs – listen to them! I got my wake up call while working for a corporate company when I almost developed an ulcer, due to long hours and toxic environment! I have been meditating now for over 20 years and I needed to go back to my healthy routine. I changed my diet to PALEO (as I also developed IBS) and started swimming, working out and spending more time doing the things I love. Yes, I had a financial setback but in looking back, I saved my health.

Do yourself a favor – schedule some ME time. Also, if you are trying to do something and you find that in spite of your efforts, you are not getting the results, it is a sign that you are overdoing it. Trust your angels and your guides. Let go and have patience.

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