QOTD for April 4th by Tyler Ardizzone

QOTD for April 4th by Tyler Ardizzone #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 4th by Tyler Ardizzone.
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Here is his expanded thought …

The present is the only moment you can be in. No matter what you imagine, you are always here, now. No matter what happened to you in the past, you are re-birthed into a new now. We tend to bring things with us into the new now. We like to believe things should be a certain way or people should act a certain way.

“Why are people so unaware?”
“Why doesn\’t my dad love to me?”
“Why is life so difficult?”

These underlying beliefs are painting our present moment with hallucinated expectations. When we truly believe something, it guides our mind to find evidence for it to be true. What reality are you creating with your expectations and underlying beliefs?

All expectations overlay the present moment like a transparency on an overhead projector. Very commonly, we hallucinate multiple expectations into our present moment. This creates an incongruity within ourselves that leads to stress and tension while simultaneously blocking our ability to receive the abundance that we need. Abundance will shine through when we remove our hallucinations from the overhead projectors, so all we can see is light.

What are you hallucinating into your present? What underlying belief is creating that hallucination?

Once you realize you have been hallucinating into your present this whole time, you gain access to the now. And guess what? The now is filled with an abundance of everything you\’ve been asking for. You can only receive the abundance when you are present in the moment right here, right now. Not right then, right there. If you are mentally right then, right there, and your body is right here, right now, you will always miss the presents in the present moment. The abundance has always been here and now, everything you\’ve been needing is right here and now, where are you?

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