QOTD for April 3rd by Gerry Straatemeier

QOTD for April 3rd by Gerry Straatemeier #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #QOTD

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 3rd by Gerry Straatemeier.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Did you think those “random acts of kindness” were for the OTHER GUY? Guess again. Well, they are for him, but they are also for you, your peace of mind, and your spiritual wellness. They feed your “Namaste Consciousness.”

There are days when all of us lose our sense of connection to God (by any name you prefer). Of course, since we are expressions of the Divine, we cannot ACTUALLY lose touch, any more than a wave loses touch with the ocean – but it can seem that way.

It feels cold and lonely. Sad. Angry. Afraid. Ashamed. Those feelings are the very definitions of having lost your connection to God. When you know and “rest in” your Oneness with your Source, suddenly the sun starts shining and you have ample tools to make all that nasty humor disappear: gratitude, forgiveness, prayer, laughter, meditation. You all have a long list of those.

KINDNESS is an action word. You don’t have to feel anything. It is a something you DO. It looks like it’s for THEM, but truly it’s for YOU because as you do that act of kindness, immediately your heart center opens and you experience your Oneness with your Source again.

You are expressing your inner Goodness; your God-ness is flowing out through you, and as you, and suddenly all feels right with the world. Even if there are challenges you still need to overcome, you know they are no match for YOU. The challenges weren’t causing your bad feelings, your sense of separation from your Source was causing them.

So give kindness a try next time you\’re feeling blue or irritated and you want to find “home” again. Of course, you don\’t have to wait for an “off” day. Practice kindness and you\’ll have fewer of those.

I love the LIGHT in you!



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