IOTD for August 9th by Elizabeth Kipp

IOTD for August 9th by Elizabeth Kipp

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for August 9th by Elizabeth Kipp and walk away feeling better and inspired! 

The next time, and anytime, someone tells you, or you tell yourself, that you are ‘not enough’, or you are ‘less than’, or whatever version it is of ‘somehow you are just not measuring up’ – you might ask what exactly IS this measuring system? Who decided these rules? And on what authority?

We – each and every one of us – are made up of atoms born in the center of STARS! Each atom took at least a million years to move from its birthplace in the center of its star to the edge, where it then was discharged forth into space. Then this atom, one of the trillions and trillions that make up the body you are currently housed in, found its way to Earth and eventually found purchase in a living being.

This atom has been taken in as a form of sustenance as air or food, then respired or excreted, only to be taken in by another Earth living being. And so this cycle continued on and on, and will continue until our local star, the sun, goes nova and planet Earth, along with all of its creatures, takes an utterly new form in the Cosmos. Yet the fundamental atoms will remain.

Now, multiply that one atom by the biggest number you can possibly imagine – that is only a mere tiny portion of how many atoms make up Earth and all of its inhabitants. Each one of those atoms came ultimately from the center of a star.

We are Oh-So-Ancient Beings, older than time itself, reincarnated as we are in this moment – a flash of a flash inside of a flash really – and we are inextricably interconnected to the All That Is, a collection of intermingling, infinitely diverse creatures all swimming in the same immense sea, all spinning together amidst the great Wheel of Life.

Try measuring that… they’ll be at it for a while…

– Elizabeth