QOTD for August 10th by Heather Durling

QOTD for August 10th by Heather Durling #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for August 10th by Heather Durling.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Survivors tend to have a dislike/hate relationship with triggers. In fact, for some, the word alone causes issues. All of which is understandable. However, a common misconception is that by having triggers from trauma, it makes us weaker than others.

I can also see why it may be viewed that way. Some triggers sucker-punch us so hard that we barely have time to hit the ground. We are fighting with our subconscious mind as it puts us in a dual-reality of the past and now. Usually, for a little bit – the past wins and we are in a full-blown anxiety and trauma attack, struggling to do the simplest thing of breathing in and out. Closing our eyes against the images, the sounds, the feelings, which then catapults us even further into the memories. Triggers can be harsh, unrelenting, and will stop most survivors in their tracks.

Then there\’s the real jerks – the ones that only come up when we least expect it, or when we are alone. My biggest trigger right now is a constant fear that someone is going to attack me while I am trying to simply take a shower. When my husband is home, it doesn\’t come out to mess with my head. It only likes to torture me when I\’m home alone, or with my kiddos. For so many, the act of showering is enjoyable and relaxing. For me, it\’s intense fear, years of perfecting how to wash my hair and face while my eyes are locked on to my surroundings, and my hearing is set to Spidey-sense levels. I have mastered the plan of what I will do the minute the shadow in my head ever became a reality, and I can promise you that I will always have the doors locked in both my bedroom AND my bathroom.

I used to think that this made me weak, weird, and tap-dancing to a bit of the “crazy” tune. Now, I see it for what it truly is; it\’s our subconscious doing its job to make sure we are protected from ever having something like that happen again. It means that it happened once in some form, which also means that we are still standing from it. I\’m a 98% fully functional adult, a loving mother, and an ever-evolving BadAss Warrior Queen. NONE of that equals weak – that equals BRAVE. If you have triggers, that means YOU are BRAVE.

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Much love to you, strong warriors.

Way past the sky,

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