IOTD for September 16th by Stephanie Ignazio

IOTD for September 16th by Stephanie Ignazio #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for September 16th by Stephanie Ignazio and walk away feeling better and inspired!

Share your UNIQUE SPARKLE with the world…and watch what happens.

Each one of us has a unique sparkle that is all our own. It\’s something that only we can bring to this world… our own brand of fabulous. When you tap into who you are and what you can offer this world, and SHARE it… that\’s when the magic happens!

For so long, I kept my sparkle to myself. I created art and didn\’t share it. I forced myself to create art that I thought was more acceptable and more serious than I could ever be. Because I thought that was what the world wanted from me. I kept my spiritual side tightly wrapped up and hidden. I was afraid if I was my true self, well… people might not approve.


When I started sharing the TRUE ME… the silly, goofy, cartoon and doodle me; the one who is truly connected to her spirit and her intuitive voice, my whole world opened up.

You might be keeping your sparkle to yourself… maybe like I was… you\’re a bit afraid of what other people might think. I encourage you to take one little step towards sharing the real you with people. You\’ll be surprised how they respond to your sparkle!

Feel free to share

– Stephanie

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