IOTD for September 15th by Anna Pereira


Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for September 15th by Anna Pereira and walk away feeling better and inspired.

I think back to the conversations and actions of people I looked up to when I was younger. During my childhood, I remember being so impressionable, although my stubborn, inquisitive and feisty exterior foreshadowed a very independent woman growing inside of me.

When grown-ups acted or said things around me, they were actually teaching me through every word and move they made. Only until later was I able to discern what was positive and what was negative. At that time, as a child, I just thought ‘that’s how it was’ and didn’t know better.

Growing up, lots of negativity surrounded me and the dismal adulthood that awaited surely was to mimic what I thought life was all about; struggling, never enough, arguing, dissatisfaction, doing what is expected, staying quiet, suppression, hidden emotions, fear-based everything, and so on.

Were my adult teachers aware these were to be pages of my book, and theirs? This is what they were leaving as their legacy.

Nope. Not me.

As I grew and got to experience people and places outside of my circle, I started to realize there is choice, chance, and opportunity. Happiness was not just found on an 8pm sitcom with the perfect TV family.

I create my story.

The pages of my book will be filled with helping and inspiring others, making it on my own, raising a brother and sister up; love-filled, heart-based action and purpose driven, goal fulfilling, dream catching, wishing on a star, and living in the moment of a joy-filled life! Makes for quite a great story, don’t you think?

What are the pages of your book going to be filled with? You have today to write anything you wish! Once we are gone, it is all that will remain. Make your story legendary.

Wishing you a love-filled, purpose-driven, legendary story of a life!

With Love,