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Family dynamics and patterns from childhood can affect our adult lives. When we become aware of repeating childhood patterns, we can release them. Through brain retraining, we can find the freedom and inner resilience to express our authentic selves and thrive.


When you were a child, your brain was programmed by your parents and others in society to believe and accept that life is a certain way. We are taught that’s how the world works.

Children interpret circumstances through a developmental lens of constant change and growth. “Early development sets a foundation and establishes patterns that later development is built upon.” (The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health)

Perfectionism vs. Good Enough

One form of programming that many of us experienced was perfectionism. I now see the perfectionistic programming from my childhood in the belief, “If I don’t do something perfectly, it’s not worth doing.” I’m beginning to learn what “good enough” feels like.

I experienced being good enough last year when I painted my sister’s garage interior. I wanted to do a great job for my sister. I thought, the paint job doesn’t need to be perfect, just “good enough” and my sister will be pleased. So, I chose to paint over the old drywall tape rather than replace it with new tape.

At first, I was disappointed the old tape showed through the new paint. My mantra became, Good Enough! It’s a garage, it looks 85% better than before. 85% is a B+ and it’s good enough. And my sister was delighted with the results of my “good enough” efforts!

What childhood program are you overcoming?

Trust Your Inner Guidance

Many children are programmed to listen to adults and not to their inner guidance. That’s a fine upbringing for children who are still learning self-regulation. Adults are supposed to take care of children and keep them safe.

You’re an adult now

Do you trust your inner guidance, or do you wait for an outer authority to guide you?

Learn to overcome the default programming of listening to others for guidance. Listen to your innate inner wisdom first. You can check in with a trusted mentor for feedback and still trust your gut.

What is your intuition telling you? You can bypass the old programming and learn to trust your inner wisdom to guide you.

Tapping into Inner Wisdom and Inner Resilience

Another form of programming is hard-wired. We have a tendency to prefer things to stay the same, remain predictable, and avoid surprises. Many people experience stress from the current changes and transformations on the planet. That stress is consistent with how our brains are designed. Our brains are trying to conserve energy and keep us safe. Change uses energy reserves which feels stressful.

To lower our stress levels and deal effectively with societal and planetary changes, we need to develop new skills. We can learn to bypass our hard-wired programming and tap into our inner wisdom, inner guidance, and inner resilience.

Our intuition can help us develop solutions to the changes around us and lower our stress. By practicing listening to our inner guidance, we develop stronger resilience to external change. We can develop greater agility to find solutions, thrive and come out better than before.

Take a lesson from the Earth

Geothermal heat under the earth’s surface offers an untapped energy resource. Engineers are studying geothermal heat as a potential, steady, green source of renewable energy. We each have a similar renewable energy source within. With focused awareness, we can each tap into our innate source of inner resilience.

We can consciously align our unique rhythms in sync with the energy that created galaxies. Then, we will come up with solutions to life’s current challenges.

When we live life from the flow of well-being and grace,
we are better able to adjust to change.

Resilience is built into the human experience. Your inner being is already coded with the consciousness necessary to evolve, grow and change with joy, ease, grace, and flow. It’s part of our nature to evolve.

When we lose our connection to our inner well-being, we forget our innate resilience. We forget we are all parts of a larger whole. We forget humanity is one race of humans that comes in different colors. We forget that our human species is part of the cycle of life on the planet.

When we remember to reconnect to our inner well-being, we find our inner resilience and develop greater outer resilience. A benefit of this practice is we feel more connected to each other and to the planet.

The hope for humanity’s evolution lies within each of us waiting for us to tap into our inner guidance.

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