Jazz Living with Creativity: Freeing Your Inner Artist

Ever get that feeling there’s a hidden artist within you waiting to break free? Spoiler alert: there is! It’s called creativity. We are all artists, and at the core of our being lies an infinite wellspring of creativity. Let’s dive into the art of tapping into this inner creative force.

Discovering Your Creative Core

Imagine a well of creativity inside you and that you’re the artist. You’re the vessel through which the energy of creation flows. Embracing your inner artist means using this creativity to craft your unique masterpiece. Life is your canvas to paint with ideas, dance with words, and compose life’s melodies in various forms.

The Power of Intention

Unlock your creative potential by setting intentions. It’s like deciding you want to bring out the highest and best version of yourself. You become an open channel for inspiration and innovation. Your creative energy flows effortlessly. It’s akin to signaling the universe that, “I’m ready to create something special.”

Nature’s Creative Oasis

Let’s get practical. Want to unlock your inner creativity? Connect with nature. Take a stroll in the park, lean against a tree, or gaze at a flower. Nature acts like a creative booster, a power source for your artistic side.

Creativity as a Jazz Improvisation

Think of freeing your inner artist as a jazz improvisation. It’s a bit like the spontaneous and creative flow of jazz musicians. You riff on your ideas, move to the rhythm of your thoughts, and express yourself. It’s not about perfection; it’s about authenticity, just like a jazz musician creating a unique melody on the spot.

We can borrow principles from jazz music to help access our inner creative wisdom. I call this practice the Art of Jazz Living.

Jazz Living Principles to Access Creativity

  • Find your Inner Rhythm – Create some space to move your body, with or without music. Get anchored in your body. Imagine tree roots growing through your feet into the earth. Allow your mind to observe how your body wants to move. Observe your body moving your ideas into form.
  • Reconnect to your Source of inspiration – Mindfulness or meditation allows access to deeper layers of creativity by quieting the inner noise. Listen to the hum of a fan or a neutral sound. Get out of your head and into your heart. Imagine breathing through a nose in the center of your chest. Observe your thoughts like clouds in the sky.
  • Find your Groove – Align body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Listen inwardly. What wants to emerge through you? Open your heart and mind to receive guidance from your inner creative wisdom. Listen and receive.
  • Share your voice – When you feel inspired, take action. Grab markers and paper, pen and journal, or craft supplies. Sing or tone your heart out. Allow your creative expression to flow through you into the outer world.
  • Collaborate – Brainstorm with others to stimulate creativity and introduce new perspectives and ideas. We’re all part of this creative journey together! Picture a giant mural where your ideas and mind blend to create something incredible. Teamwork in creativity is like having a powerful creative alliance – or like playing in a jazz band! Each player takes their turn to shine and responds to the other players with curiosity and innovation.

YOU are a Soul Artist: Learn to Free Your Inner Artist

You might be a Soul Artist who sings soul music. We tip our hats to the soul musicians and jazz singers who’ve graced the world with their extraordinary voices and melodies. We’re taking a different kind of stage here.

Think of your soul artist journey as jazz improvisation for the mind and spirit. Each idea is a unique note in the symphony of your creativity. It’s not about hitting the high notes; it’s about weaving the threads of your imagination into a tapestry of expression.

In this month’s session of High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner & Outer Peace, my guest is Soul Artist and Transformational Coach, Jane Ramsey. We’re talking about the soul artist who paints with brushes, colors with ideas, dances with words, and composes life’s melodies in various forms.


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Your Creative Expedition

Being a soul artist is an adventurous journey. You uncover new facets of yourself, experiment with bold ideas, and leave your mark on the world. So, let’s continue creating, exploring, and enjoying this exciting expedition into the realm of creativity!

Let’s connect! You can reach out via . I’d love to chat about your soul artist journey.

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