Life\’s Challenges and 3 Ways the Angels Can Help

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Life\’s Challenges and 3 Ways the Angels Can Help

I was struggling to deal with my dear brother\’s rapid health decline. He had a brain tumor and went from walking five miles a day to not being able to walk within a month\’s time. I was looking for comfort, support, and assurance to help get me through this heartbreaking experience.

I grew up in the church and heard about angels, but I didn\’t know they could help a “regular person” like me. I thought they only worked with saints or people like Mother Teresa.

I was guided to a site on Facebook which shared channeled messages of peace and comfort that helped me more than my faith alone. The calming and loving words of the angels helped me deal with this nightmare scenario. I was so grateful.

Shortly after my brother\’s passing at the age of 51, I scheduled an angel reading with my mentor. I didn\’t know what to expect, but I was intrigued by the prospect of angelic interaction. I wasn\’t sure what would happen or if it would challenge my faith or make me see dead people.

It was like having a deep and loving conversation with a cherished friend. It was a loving experience that increased my level of faith and opened my eyes to more beauty and grace in the world. In fact, six months after my first angel reading, I was guided to become an angel card reader myself so that I too could help people gain more clarity, feel the divine love, and provide guidance.

We all have at least two guardian angels who have been with us our entire life. They have loved us since before we were born. These angels are messengers of the Divine. The name angel means “God\’s Messenger.”

Since we all have free will and dominion over our lives, the angels need to be asked to help. They are just a breath away. You can call on them anytime to assist you, they are at the ready. You aren\’t taking them away from more important work.

3 Ways the Angels Can Help

1. Clarity – During times of struggle, it\’s often difficult to see our options or next steps. The angels can provide answers and perspective.

2. Love – The angels are pure, unconditional love and always want to shower or drench us in divine love.

3. Guidance – The angels can help lovingly guide us to our best and highest good. They often reveal coins, symbols, repetitive numbers, songs, feathers, animals, or other signs of love from above to guide and inspire us.

You are worthy and deserving of this divine love and light. You don\’t need to be “good enough” or “earn” their love and assistance. They are always there for you. You can ask for the angels\’ help at any time, on any matter. Nothing is too small or too large for them. Their mission is to love, support, and protect you, and you are their precious charge.

You can also seek out an angelic practitioner to assist you. I\’d be happy to help in gaining clarity, love, and guidance. You can find out more or book your angel reading HERE.

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Give the Life-Changing Gift of Angelic Clarity, Love, Guidance, and more to yourself or to a beloved this holiday season.

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