Member Interview: Deborah Roth

Deborah Roth member interview

The Wellness Universe believes a happy, healthy, healed human leads to a better community, a better world, and ultimately to world peace.

The Wellness Universe introduces you to conduits of empowerment, change, and healing as we feature our community members who are here to support your happiest, best version of you to help you shine!

Today’s featured member is Deborah Roth, MA; Spirited Life and Relationship Coach, “Mental Fitness” Trainer, and Interfaith Minister.

Deborah shares with us an introduction about how she is creating a better world through well-being support.

Transformation, wellness, and self-care are only a connection away.

I “discovered” the Goddess almost 30 years ago when I walked into my UU church in New York City for the first time and within weeks was introduced to the idea of the Divine Feminine as a living, breathing presence in ourselves and in the world by then-minister, Rev. Darrell Berger.

For me, it was an epiphany, as in “oh, that’s what’s been missing” on my spiritual journey. I won’t give you all the details here of how that’s all unfolded since then — you can read that in my Wellness Universe bio and in my book, “Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman“, (or in my Master’s thesis if you want more footnotes and an “academic” slant!) — but I can tell you it’s been quite a ride.

The most recent “aha” has been that I’ve come to realize that all of the things I do under my beloved business name of “Spirited Living” are infused with Her energy and not just the obvious ones like my monthly women’s circles or my weekly #innergoddessteam videos. Some of those divinely feminine traits include compassion, collaboration, nurturing, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, honoring your emotions, trusting your intuition, celebrating your body, and connecting with (vs. exploiting) nature.

It seems pretty obvious to me now that all those qualities come into play in some way or another when I’m coaching someone to practice self-care during big life changes or working with couples who want to deepen their relationships. And certainly, when I’m working with them to create a unique, personal wedding ceremony. Even the “mental fitness” coaching I’m bringing into my practice now with my Positive Intelligence™ coach training encompasses all of those principles —as an example, the first step to come back to center when you’ve been hijacked by your “Saboteurs” is to do “PQ reps” to bring you back to your body!

I’m more passionate than ever to share all the powerful practices and techniques in my toolbox, given the state of the world right now. Encouraging people to move out of the isolation of the pandemic back into the energy of collaboration and community. Promoting “sacred self-centeredness,” expressing our emotions, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Honoring our bodies with sound health and nutrition practices, and on a global level, advocating for the sustainability of our fragile Mother Earth’s “body.”

All of these represent ways that each one of us can embody and express our divinely feminine wisdom. My commitment is to lead by example in my coaching, speaking, teaching, and writing.


Here’s what one of my clients recently wrote:

Deborah approaches her work with presence and professionalism, challenging me to pause and do my best thinking and planning as I move forward to make choices about spirituality, relationships, work, and recreation. Our work together allows me to press pause, examine my options and opportunities, and shift what begins as stress and anxiety toward happiness, fulfillment, and creativity. In this coaching process, I’ve been nurtured to think more deeply, reach sharper conclusions, and ultimately make better decisions.

Thank you for meeting Deborah and for connecting with her on their Wellness Universe. 

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