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A couple of years ago, some of my friends and I participated in a ritual where we invited a particular group of highly evolved Angels into our home for a period of five days, and then sent them on to one another in kind of like a chain letter for Angels. In the past couple of months, I had felt impressed to repeat the ritual. I had a particular person in mind who I wanted to send the Angels to, but I had not heard from him, an internet friend, in over a year. Lo and behold, a few days after I thought of sending him the Angels, he emailed me and asked me if he could now participate in the ritual.

I believe that Angels do not live in time and space like we do, and since I had sent him the Angels two years ago, but he had  not completed the ritual, I saw no reason why he could not go ahead and do the ritual now. He did and had an amazing experience.

I decided to repeat the ritual myself, and my husband agreed to participate.

As is common in the ritual, I felt the Angels a couple of days before the ritual was scheduled to begin. Once again, I do not believe Angels live in time and space, so having them come and go at particular days and times is for us, not for them.

I easily found three people who were excited to receive the Angels after my ritual was done.

One of my requests of the Angels was advice on how to juggle my three “careers”: the Post Office, a wedding officiant, and giving and teaching Spiritual messages and principles. Of course my career of choice is the third, but to pay the bills I needed the other two.

Yesterday as I sat in my car on my lunch break at the Post Office, Spirit gave me what I believe is to be the first steps to that and one of my other requests.

One of them is to once again begin to blog regularly.

When I first starting posting messages from Spirit, I did it because I was receiving messages and the only way I knew to share them was to create a blog. It went really well for several years. A couple of years into the blog, I compiled some of my favorite messages from the blog and from Spirit and published them in what was to be my first book.

At that time I was working full time at the Post Office, and the messages were my way of reopening the door to communicating with Spirit which I had closed many years before.

As time went on, I began to get some clients and I wanted to have more time to spend giving messages and doing spiritual work. I took a part time position at the Post Office and supplemented my income doing wedding ceremonies, delivering messages from Spirit and teaching spiritual classes.

Toward the end of last year, I was exhausted. I decided to go back to work full time at the Post Office and take a break from my “other” stuff.

Spirit had other plans.

My message for today is:

1: if you ask for help They will answer

2: all you really have to do is set an intention to connect or to receive guidance and They will come

3: “They” are really connected with that inner voice inside of you.

4: We are all one

I believe the reason the Angels come as soon as you set the intention to invite them in and they don\’t necessarily wait until the time you open the door and let them in is because “They” are really already with you as soon as you think it in your mind. I believe in the other realms every thought is a prayer and as soon as you ask for help or guidance or a visitation your prayer is heard and answered. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing “Them” is our own lack of belief and the barriers we build around ourselves.

We are all connected. You and I are connected as you read this and I am sitting outside of time and space writing it. Yes, I am currently in time and space and my hands are clicking away on the keys but when you read it I will actually be doing something else, thinking about something else. But you will read this and outside of time and space, you and I will connect. It is the same with the Angels, higher level “Help” or whatever you want to call that Higher Power that you call on when in your physical existence on this plane you need some assistance. When you think a thought of “I could use some assistance”, immediately your thought is transmitted through time and space and help is sent out to you. So you and the “Help” are one.

Whenever you feel disconnected or worry that there is no “Help” available or that your prayers or thoughts are hitting the ceiling and bouncing right back down to you, don\’t despair. “Help” is on the way. It is immediate. It is as easy as you let it be.

Just believe it.

Expect a miracle.

Invite the Angels and They will come.

If you would like to receive the Angels into your home, and would like to participate in the ritual, I would love to send it to you. I did not make it up  myself. Yes it was one of those chain letters that probably came into your inbox at some point and you deleted it. But I decided to do it.

And the Angels came.

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