The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Ashley Brewer

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Ashley Brewer

How meditation helped in her recovery and how has her children meditating, changed her life. The quote of the day and expanded post by Ashley Brewer.

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My life was much chaos prior to meditation, in more ways than one. I truly lacked all basic coping skills and tools for peaceful living. I was constantly miserable, angry and battling illnesses and ailments. When I ‘got clean’ from all mood and mind altering substances, I was introduced to a lifesaving tool that has become a major part of my recovery journey; meditation.

I had preconceived notions that in order to meditate, I would have to imitate a Buddhist monk out in the middle of nature somewhere. Today, this is my favorite form of meditation, but that\’s not where I started with it.

When I began my life changing journey, the 12 steps, with my sponsor, it was suggested to me to take some quiet time each morning while I\’m drinking my coffee and read from a few daily devotional books that resonated with me. I would read from 3 or 4 books and jot down my personal thoughts and reflection on what I had read. I\’d process every word and think about how I could apply its lessons into my life at that very moment. It didn\’t take long to take notice how beneficial this practice was for my life. I no longer suffered from anxiety, depression and rage. For the first time in my life, I finally understood inner light and serenity. I was experiencing peace!

I have two children, and as every mother has discovered, it\’s not all peaches and cream and some days are quite trying. I thought, if meditation has been so beneficial for me, wouldn\’t it be for my children as well? After doing some research, I found that indeed it is and I started the practice of meditation with my children. We started with just quiet time outside with nature and have expanded into yoga and other calming mind and body exercises.

My children have become more compassionate and mindful of others as well as nature. Their high stress levels have ceased and naughty behavior has notably decreased and what I find most gratifying, we have a new found bond. I can see that instilling these practices in my children now will have a great effect on their adult lives. As they practice mindfulness and awareness, appreciating true peace, as children, these virtues can only help them when they are faced with high stress situations as teens and into adulthood.

For my family, there\’s no age requirement for meditation. The sooner we find and embrace our inner light, the better.

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