The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Natalie Haig

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Natalie Haig

Thw Wellness Universe Quote of the day natalie Haig 93c

Thank you Natalie for the quote of the day. For her expanded thought, read on.

Being in Spirit, trusting and coming from pure radiating love and light is truly an act of being ONE with the Presence of Source. When we are one with the presence, the God self, we can see the truth about our life. Our awareness is heightened into a higher frequency that attracts others that emulate that same frequency. Likes attracting like, they say. So when we choose to act from our Spirit, we receive more truth, pure, immortal energy into our life. Each morning when I am saying my daily affirmations I say, “I am one with Spirit. I fully embrace my Spirit today.” When you do this affirmation you will subconsciously program your mind to be more Spirit centered. And when you are coming from Spirit you are radiating LOVE.

It is your job to radiate love like its the suns job to radiate light.

We each have a soul; it’s who we really are. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, and we are not our jobs. We are what’s looking at our bodies, our minds and our surroundings. We are the awareness that can observe all of life. The Presence of our being, we are Spirit and we must decide daily how much light we want to shine into the world. Choosing to walk with Integrity is healthy for our being. Being honest to our hearts and connecting to love is easy to do. Remember, you can decide at any time what you want to emulate. I find it easier to be walking with integrity and being real. I like to think of it as Love is Spirit in motion, and Fear is Ego in motion. Sometimes if you find yourself in fear, ask yourself “where is this coming from (past lives/ current life)? Is it really MY fear? Or is it an old program I was taught?” Once you are aware of your emotions, and you are consciously making efforts to improve you will find it easier to choose Spirit on a daily basis.

Trust is a key ingredient in choosing to walk in Spirit. Trust that everything will be exactly how it is supposed to be. Trust that we are not alone, that Source is watching over us. Trust that our hardships will pass and we will grow from our experiences. We must trust in order to be free from fear. We must trust in order to believe in ourselves. We must trust to follow our truth, to follow our intuition, our awareness. If we really pay attention to our intuitions we will be closer to our Spirit selves.

As I look at my journey, I know that I am blessed to have this awareness I have now, and that I am still learning. I always remain open to new things. I know that I am a student for life and that I will not be the same person tomorrow that I am right now. I trust that I will evolve, I will grow and I will inspire others to do the same: To grow, to transform, and to stay in spirit. It really is all about our choices we make. I choose to walk with pure divine love, to radiate divine light and stay in spirit today. What will you choose today?

How about choosing to Be Radiant?

Radiate your love, your light your passion to everyone you meet. Shine so bright that when others see you they can sense you are an amplifier of LOVE. That\’s your job to radiate love like it’s the sun\’s job to radiate light. Start shining your true self, your passion, and your love so you can create a shift in others energy fields just by your presence. Choose to shine your positive light into the lives of others you meet, like magic. The more we radiate love and light, the more we heal our world. The more we teach others to choose the same – to choose to walk in Spirit. With a powerful light that fuels humankind; we each have the power to shine, it’s our birthright!

Thank you Oprah, she is a perfect example of choosing to radiate her love, her light to our world.

“Each one of us is a radiant being. Beautiful and perfect as we are created. Exactly as we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has been an angel to humankind. She has introduced us all to many gurus/spiritual teachers and has assisted the energies of our world to amplify tremendously. To have the platform to reach millions and choose to help and bring awareness to everyone is truly an act of an angel. She makes a conscious decision every day to radiate love and light. She doesn’t need to have her Super Soul Sundays, she can retire. But she chooses to follow her passion, chooses to connect with her Spirit and share her gift with us all.

Now GO Share your love and light with someone today and remember you are an amplifier of LOVE.

We can never overdose on LOVE. Love is ONE with Spirit.


Rev. Natalie Haig

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