Messages from the Light for January 2021

Welcome to Messages from the Light for January 2021 where each month, WU World Changer Marisa Ferrera shares a channeled message of the month with you!


Transitions… they are never easy. They represent change and change often brings up fear, especially fear of the unknown. And yet, transitions are part of life. You transition from being a baby to a young child, and then an adolescent and then an adult. At the end of your life on earth, you transition into another dimension. It doesn’t end there.

Transitioning is part of your evolution as an eternal being. It represents Spiritual growth and advancement. Sometimes, transitions in your 3rd dimensional world may not appear to represent advancement at all. Losing your job and ending up with another job for lower pay, for example, may seem to you to be going backwards, not advancing and yet, this too is an opportunity for you to evolve and to grow.

When you are faced with a transition that is causing you discomfort, look more deeply into the cause of this discomfort for this will give you clues as to what it is you are needing to let go of or heal in order to grow and move forward.

Marisa’s Musings

The year 2020 was full of transitions for people all around the world. Some of these changes were welcomed and others brought with them a lot of fear, pain and suffering.

We may not have control over the situations we find ourselves in and yet we do have control over how we choose to respond to them. I believe that if we’re willing to look past our fears, we can find the blessing in every situation or event we experience. This requires us to first accept our current circumstances and then trust that if we listen to our inner wisdom, we will be guided to new opportunities for recreating an even better life than we had before.

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The key is to not get stuck or paralyzed by fear. When we recognize we’re in fear, it’s important to notice and let go of the thoughts that are holding us in fear and replace these with more empowering thoughts that can move us in a more positive direction.

I find an easy and quick way to make this shift is to focus on gratitude. When we put our attention on what we’re grateful for, we move out of fear and into a place of joy. Fear and joy can’t occupy the same space.

As we move into this New Year, I encourage you to take some time to explore your fears and discomfort. Notice the thoughts that keep these feelings alive and make a conscious choice to replace these thoughts with thoughts of gratitude. Repeat this process every time you catch yourself with feelings of discomfort or fear. You’ll be amazed at how this simple act can lead to profound results.

May you be blessed with an inner knowing that no matter what this year brings to you, you have the wisdom and power to move through it with grace and love.

Happy New Year!

– Marisa

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