Navigating Your Mind-Field

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The Mind-Field or battleground of our mind can be a pretty scary place to hang out. 

Yet many of us, continue to reside there, even in place of sleep. We\’ll go back and forth, like a never ending tennis match, as we desperately try to work through our issues. We instead need to step out of our mind, and into our light, where you\’ll find balance. This is a much more comfortable, and healthy place to reside. The answers you seek can easily be found here. 

A human\’s mind is a complex place and still way beyond our present understanding. Basically, our brain is like elaborate computers. A seemingly endless database of thoughts and memories. An unemotional logistic storage device. When making the most important life decisions, we tend to remain stuck in those storage devices. Instead, we need to ask ourselves what \’feels\’ right, then the answers will quickly become clear. 

Be mindful of the \’signals\’ your core, your center, is giving you. Ask yourself, How do I feel about this situation?, Will this serve my purpose? and finally What should I do?” The key step, that many of us forget, is to quietly, mindfully, wait for the answers to come, and they will. Often this is felt in your core (tummy) before it reaches your brain, and basically you will feel the answer. We are a very complicated and amazing species indeed. 

All of us have the ability to store limitless amounts of information in our massive computers, but we can also drive ourselves to madness, insecurity, and depression if we allow ourselves to stay lost in our minds, instead of learning to trust in our light. We are all pure light energy, powered by love, and have many capabilities, beyond our wildest dreams, and it is through learning to navigate that complicated mind-field, that you will find the key to unleashing your light. 

All of us hear two distinct voices, one is Ego, the other is your Light source. The Ego loves to shout, and can be quite a bully indeed! Saying horribly negative, and often scary things, creating fear, self-loathing, insecurity, and anxiety. It\’s not trying to be cruel, but you are asking a computer for advice so what did you expect? 

Our Light Source is a whisperer that is continuously sending us loving, positive, forward moving, and problem-solving thoughts. The closer you listen, the further you travel towards who you truly are! Practice Mindfulness to find balance. 

Being mindful does not mean you pitch a tent and stay in your mind and slowly driving yourself bananas in the process. Being mindful means to slow right down, be aware of your breath, your movements, your very beingFind the volume button on your Light Source and turn it up full blast!! Learn to depend on this voice as if it were your closest ally because trust me it is!! The more mindful, and aware of this voice you become, the more enlightened and powerfully full of love, you will feel. 

It\’s time to turn that Ego volume right down, you don\’t need it to be so loud!! You need to find your balance and trust that your Light and who you really are is so much more than enough. Embrace this glorious love-filled light with all your might, this will allow you to always see the bright, beautiful, and loving side of you, forever transforming this incredible journey we call life and properly navigate your mind-field. 

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