New-Trition Prescription

New Trition Prescription by Anna Pereira #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Prescription

In this inspiring podcast interview given by Angela Atkins, WU World Changer Anna Pereira shares about The Wellness Universe and your New-Trition Prescription for better health and wellbeing!

New Trition Prescription: The Wellness Universe

I met Angela Atkins (Your Health Unbound) on one of my favorite platforms, LinkedIn. She reached out to me requesting an interview. I get many requests to be part of summits, to be interviewed, to review books, and frankly, I do not have enough time to create The Wellness Universe, support over 1600 members, which are known as WU World-Changers or WUVIPs (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring People) and give myself proper TLC.

So, with each inquiry, I check out who it is that wants to interview me. Truth be told, they don’t need to be famous or have a huge social media following, I just need to feel they really care about what it is they do. I love being interviewed by passionate advocates. Upon listening to Angela’s earlier interviews, I really felt a great vibe, so I said yes.

What a wonderful woman!

During my delightful interview, I shared which company inspired me to create The Wellness Universe. Who we are and who we are not. The types of members we are honored to have in our community and who and how we serve those seeking wellness and how as a collective we are making the world happier, healthier and whole.

Enjoy the podcast below and no matter who you are or what you do, my intention is for you to glean a bit of inspiration through my authentic message inspired by our amazing community.

Have a wellness filled day!


P.S. If you are in the health and wellness field, reach out to Angela Atkins and connect with her. I would love to hear YOUR story on her show!

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