What if… ?

What if... ? by Amy Camie #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatIf
What if … you woke up tomorrow morning in a strange new land and you were able to see the wholeness of everything and everyone?

What if … everything you once thought to be true was now false and true; because dualities exist together in the whole, in the fullness and unity of your perception – and that includes your beliefs about yourself.

What if … in this strange new land, with this strange new perception, you were able to explore the wholeness of who you are?

How does that feel?

Where would you begin?

Would you even want to try or does it feel like way too much work?

After all, we’re a species that depends on one another to survive. As infants, we’re incapable of caring for ourselves; we need sustenance, shelter, clothing, and love and it all comes from somewhere outside – the Alpha, tribe, father, mother; it’s programmed in our DNA.

It’s natural, comfortable and feels familiar to depend on others because, as we grow, we learn about ourselves from those around us – our mirrors and reflections that illuminate aspects emerging within our development. From parents, teachers, friends, and strangers, we receive input and information about who they believe we are. During these impressionable moments, we often believe the reflections from others are true; and patterns of belief begin to form, regardless of whether those reflections are true for us or not.

So, here you find yourself in this strange new land, with this strange new perception of wholeness. You vaguely remember watching others, asking questions, and seeking answers from those who seemed to know how best to move through these rapidly changing times; these transitions and transformations that are naturally occurring within our collective consciousness. But now, you see everything more fully, more clearly.

What if… all those people whom you thought had answers, only had their answers and not yours?

What if… your answers and your truth can only be found within you?

What if… you trusted yourself, more than ever before, to see the truth of who you believe you are?

What if… you were to explore and embrace every single aspect of yourself with loving compassion and recognition that it is all a part of the wholeness of who, what and why you are?

In this strange new land, everything is present, opposites unify into wholeness, and all of the “What if’s” dissolve into simply Being You – All of You!

What if … everyone started asking, “What if … ?”

In the Light of Universal Love,

Amy Camie

Spiritual Harpist

Co-Initiator, The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery

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