New Year, New Decade: Messages from the Universe

New Year, New Decade: Messages from the Universe

Our action of the moment reverberates into the life we live, the inspiration we are and the legacy we leave.

When we know the universal energy, and potentially of what can be, we can use this as the wind in our sails to navigate our lives to live our best and be a blessing to our loved ones and the world.

We have gathered inspiring messages from Wellness Universe World-Changers, who are divinely connected, to share their message of hope, love, and guidance for the new year and new decade.

When we know what lies before us, we can use this universal energy as a guiding light to manifest our dream life, be of service in the highest, and make the world a better place.

Read and remind yourself daily of these positive and inspiring messages to better your life and the world. Connecting to our wonderful WU World-Changers is easy as well, click their name if their message resonates and please leave comments below.

From The Wellness Universe and all of our family, we wish you a blessed, happy and healthy New Year!

Moira Hutchison, Mindset Cultivator brings with her an empowering and love-filled guided message:

The energy of 2020 brings us a strong wave of unconditional love and acceptance within which we are encouraged to step into our full potential for leadership. As the year begins we are gently reminded to let go of anything that no longer serves the pure essence we are.

As the new decade begins and we release our universal teenage years we are supported and inspired to responsibly create a foundation for long-lasting success, security, and grounding by building something of value that stands the test of time.

Mitchell Osborn, The Intuitive Messenger brings with him a numerology message:

The year 2020 resonates and vibrates a double 2 and an overall 4 (2+0+2+0= 4) energy. It carries with it great potential of building bonds and relationships with and through harmony and unity. The results will most likely be practical but serious partnerships that will endure through the ages. Throughout 2020 be on the lookout where you can utilize this collective harmonious, cooperative, numerological vibration.

Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records, brings with her a message of love for the new decade:

The theme of the new decade is love. Love as the answer to everything. Beginning with love of self. Completely accepting and appreciating the marvel that is you — a precious, cherished child of Creator. Once filled to overflowing, joyfully sharing your love and newfound understanding with others.

One person sharing with another, and another, until the entire world becomes “infected” with love. A glorious domino effect, creating a tsunami of ripples across the land. Love replacing hate, fear, and mistrust. The cosmic wave of transformation heralds a new age of equality, a collective cooperative where love flows like water. And so shall it be.

Divine J9, Energy Medicine Master, brings with her astrologically inspired message for the new decade:

We ride into the new decade on the coattails of the last New Moon of 2019, which happened to coincide with a solar eclipse. This dynamic duo brings a lot of luminary magic to help kick off the New Year and New Decade!

Thanks to the New Moon being in the astrological sign of Capricorn, we\’re carried forward with a good dose of Earth energy. This grounding energy allows us to release old patterns and limiting beliefs that have held us back for so long, as well as provides support to fuel the rapid manifestation of whatever we hold in our vision. The Universe is offering us a huge opportunity to take an internal inventory of what we want to let go of, and to create our heart\’s desire. When we have the courage to take the leap into the unknown with the support of the Universe, we can gracefully step into the roaring \’20s to become the best version of ourselves.

Are you feeling the energy of the new year and new decade?

Are you feeling guided by your own internal compass and intuition to answer the call of hope, love, leadership, and service? Let us know. Please share in the comments below if these messages have resonated with you.

We are the world. You are essential to creating a better world. May you be blessed with peace, love, health, and prosperity for the new year.

The Wellness Universe

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