The Power of Positive Thought

The Power of Positive Thought by Rochel Marie Lawson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #PositiveThought

What we think we often believe. In fact, there is such a strong connection to what we think and how we feel that individuals have been known to cure themselves from terminal illnesses just by believing in themselves, a higher power, or a combination of the two.

According to Ayurveda, the body itself is a mental organism, a vehicle of perception designed to support the functions of the senses and to facilitate experience by the mind.

Any breakdown in bodily function has its root in the perceptual process and results from wrong use of the senses. Too much, too little, or wrong use of the senses result in wrong actions that can cause us eventual pain.

For example, in today\’s modern high-tech world our problems are mainly psychological.

We have adequate food, clothing, and shelter, which prevent us from getting most physical problems, yet we still suffer from psychological unrest, which over time, manifest in physical symptoms.

This unrest may manifest as feelings of anger, overwhelm, stress, loneliness, and not being loved or appreciated.

On the other hand, if we use the senses in the correct manner, we experience feelings of joy, peace, relaxation, gratitude, love, and being appreciated.

Positive thinking leads to a positive state of mind which manifests into a positive and balanced body.

In this state of being the body is free of sickness and disease, the mind is clear and balanced, and does not deplete the body of its natural energy.

How many times during the day do you catch yourself thinking negatively? OK, now how many times do you catch yourself thinking positive?

I have a simple test for you to conduct and based on the results of this test you can begin to put together an analysis of how your thoughts are affecting you.

For the next week, each time you have a positive thought document the time, place, what you were doing and how you are feeling i.e. well, happy, stress-free, joyful, relaxed, not sick, etc. and each time you have a negative thought do the same. At the end of the week tally the number of positive thoughts versus the number of negative thoughts and how you felt you were sick, experience symptoms of acid reflux, had headaches, or if there was an absence of symptoms. Also, document whether you were able to stay on task and felt successful.

As you review the results, you will be able to see the times when you experienced more positive thoughts and feelings and how your body felt, as well as, the times where you may want to be mindful so that you can make improvements to incorporate more positive thinking. The goal is to increase your positive thought, which will lead to more balanced energy, an increase in performance due to no late afternoon energy dips, and success due to a focused, clear mind. This will lead to improved performance and in turn manifest in success.

When we work in harmony with nature, which is a goal of Ayurveda, simplicity and contentment are keys to well-being and this is a factor of positive thinking.

Ayurveda shows us how to live in a state of balance in which fulfillment is a matter of being not becoming. It connects us with the wellsprings of creativity and happiness within our own consciousness, so we can permanently overcome our addiction to negative thinking.

Ayurveda provides a real solution to our health problems, which is to return to oneness with both the universe and the divine within. This requires changing how we think, live and perceive.

In closing, here are some tips to assist you with becoming more in tune with your positive thoughts. Use what works and discard what does not. Have fun and enjoy your journey as a positive thinker!

  • You are human and are here to learn and enjoy life so focus on the positive
  • When you catch yourself in that negative thinking mode, don’t ignore it, acknowledge how you are feeling and why or what brought on these feelings
  • Try journaling when you catch yourself having the negative thoughts notice any patterns, triggers, or an association as to what causes the negative thoughts and focus on changing them. From that point you can begin to take action to make lasting changes to improve your thoughts
  • Lastly, every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, laugh and change the negative thought into a positive thought. Overtime this will become automatic thing for you to do and does two things gets your mind off the negative and focused on the positive and you get to open up your lungs with a good laugh which will in turn bring more oxygen to your body increasing your energy, naturally.




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