Embrace the Powerful Virgo New Moon Energy

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Poor Virgo, it really does get a bad rap. A friend of mine once told me she was embarrassed to admit that her rising sign is in Virgo. “Because it’s all about being a nit-picky perfectionist,” she complained, “and I don’t think I’m like that!”

OK, I think we need to reclaim Virgo’s good side, especially if we want to tap into some of that powerful Virgo New Moon energy coming up on September 17th.

New Moons (including the three days before and after) are considered to be great times to look within yourself, assess what your current needs are, set your intentions for the month ahead, and lay the groundwork for those new projects. So, we’d better find some good things to say about Virgo, right?

Virgo New Moon Qualities

The fact is, every zodiac sign has its upsides and downsides. Yes, it’s true that one of the challenging aspects of Virgo is to be over-analytical and always wanting to do everything correctly. But that can also show up as being hardworking with a healthy attention to detail, as well as, a love of research and learning new things. Wouldn’t you like someone like that on your team?

And another thing, Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, which at first glance, might not seem very exciting. But look closer. Obviously, being a Virgo doesn’t necessarily mean you’re celibate, but that virgin vibe can also manifest as a passion for what’s pure, natural, or organic, hence Virgo’s emphasis on health and good nutrition.

Or my personal favorite is Jungian scholar M. Esther Harding’s definition of “virgin” in her classic book, “Women’s Mysteries,” as an unmarried woman “self-possessed and one-unto-herself.” No mention of celibacy there! Doesn’t that capture perfectly the “upside” of Virgo’s self-sufficient, self-contained nature?

Add to all that the fact that Virgo is an Earth sign (along with Taurus and Capricorn) and that she loves having everything in the right order, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for creating terrific self-care routines.

Are you starting to feel a little more friendly toward those poor maligned Virgos in your life, maybe even yourself? With that newfound respect, let’s get ready to conjure up some powerful Virgo New Moon magic.

Here Are 5 Ways to Embrace the Powerful Virgo New Moon Energy:

  1. Clean Out the Garage

Or clean any other part of your home that’s making you crazy. Is the guest bedroom a mess or the basement a disaster area? Take advantage of all that focused, hard-working Virgo juju that’s being triggered right now and get to it.

Since the New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions, you might also think about what regular cleaning and organizing practices you can commit to going forward so things don’t pile up again. Maybe it’s simple ones like making your bed every morning or scheduling monthly trips to Goodwill. Get creative.

  1. Commit to an Exercise and Diet Routine

Whether you’re a gym rat or a runner, or you love Zumba or a quiet, brisk walk around the park, use this healthy Virgo energy to recommit to moving your body every day.

Then, think about creating a nutritious eating plan, starting with Virgo-friendly foods like whole grains, fruit, and salads. Enlist a partner who’s committed to living more healthily, too. Sticking with a new diet or making a commitment to exercise regularly is always easier when you’ve got company.

  1. Enjoy A Virgo-Inspired Feast

Just because it’s wholesome, doesn’t mean it can’t be yummy. Grab your partner or a friend and plan a sumptuous dinner at a favorite restaurant; “farm-to-table” places would be perfect for your Virgo New Moon taste buds. Or if you love to cook, try some Virgo-inspired recipes with unusual grains like faro or quinoa, and pile on the veggies. VinePair offers great wine pairings for each zodiac sign. They suggest Sauvignon Blanc as a perfect complement to the “salt-of-the-earth” energy of Virgo; “the wine is bright with citrus, but also balanced [like Virgo] with herb notes and grassy aromatics.”

  1. Sink into A Mud Bath

One of my favorite activities for an earthy New Moon is to literally immerse yourself in it (earth, that is) and take a mud bath. It’s particularly apropos for Virgo since the idea behind mud baths is that they draw out toxins and purify your body inside and out. You can make your own full-body clay mask, or find one online.

You can even add some Virgo-themed essential oils like ginger or thyme to your bath, then place candles and flowers (navy blue, grey, or beige are all Virgo colors) around the tub to deepen the experience.

  1. Plan A Spa Day

Any of the earth zodiac signs love it when you pamper your body! By consciously embracing Virgo’s health focus, you can make this a particularly powerful New Moon activity. Definitely incorporate any or all of the other practices suggested here (exercise, healthy feasting, mud bath) into your spa experience.

If you can’t go to a spa, you can still create one at home even for a few hours by turning off your phone and putting a “Do not disturb” sign on your door! Even if you love your work, adore your kids or partner, and have fabulous friends, it’s important to have special alone time, too.

Just don’t buy into the standard complaints about Virgo, instead use the Virgo New Moon to clean things up and commit to new, healthy self-care habits!

– Deborah

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