Prevention Always Wins Part 1

Prevention Always Wins Part 1 by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Prevention

Prevention Always Wins Part 1 by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Prevention

Stress is the first sign that unwellness is on the way.

It’s a signal for us to slow down and observe ourselves so we can prevent any further damage or struggle within our bodies, minds, and lives. Unfortunately, we often don’t know that it’s trying to get our attention to show us where we need the most self-care at the moment. Thankfully, now that you’ve found The Wellness Universe, you can learn a few tricks to reduce the need for stress to get your attention and therefore prevent unwellness from happening in the earliest stages or in the first place at all.


Slowing down the breath through various deep breathing techniques has remarkable effects on the well-being of the body. It automatically slows down your heart rate, calms your nervous system, cleans out your lungs, sends more oxygen to your brain so you can think more clearly, reduces anxiety, and increases your energy levels – just to name a few. When you begin to feel stress creeping up, take a few deep, calming breaths to re-center yourself. As the body is allowed to resonate in a more peaceful state, it can maintain homeostasis and prevent the inner conditions that would bring upon unwellness from forming.


Unexpressed and unresolved resentment and regret are stored in the body until they are able to be released. When trapped inside, they can wreak havoc on the body in ways that can surely give you a hefty medical bill. Forgiveness, however, is the quickest way to release these heavy emotions, all on your own. Forgive yourself for your past decisions and forgive others for the decisions they made in their lives that have negatively affected you. We are all learning about life as we go. You and everyone in your life are doing the best with what you/they have to work with at the time. Look at the big picture in life and honestly ask yourself, “Is it really worth holding onto if releasing it will bring me so much peace and liberation?”. By forgiving and clearing out those heavy emotions, you are preventing the manifestation of disease and disorder in your body and life.

Eat Quality Foods:

What we put into our bodies, we become – not literally, but vibrationally. Since everything in this world is energy, eating quality foods with higher vibrations will make you feel better. You may have already experienced this in your own life after noticing how good you feel when eating a healthy, organic meal consisting of non-processed foods. On a scientific level, your body uses the food you eat to rebuild its tissues from the inside out. Eating more alkaline foods keep your inner environment functioning as it was designed to and prevents the internal conditions that cause disease from forming. No longer should the focus on eating healthy foods be dieting, but rather maintaining health and wellness.


Your body is made mostly of water, about 60%, which hydrates everything from your brain to your bones. In fact, your brain and heart are composed of around 75% water, your muscles and kidneys are around 76% water, your lungs are roughly 83% water, and your bones are made of nearly 31% water. By drinking plenty of water, more oxygen is carried throughout the body to these vital organs, thus increasing mental focus and decreasing headaches, preventing muscle cramps and kidney damage, and regulating body temperature and blood pressure to name a few. When the body is receiving plenty of water, it is able to function optimally and prevent the manifestation of disharmony within.

Move Your Body:

Whatever physical activity you can engage in to incorporate physical movement into your daily routine aids in releasing stuck energy and prevents disorder within the body, mind, and soul. Moving your muscles keeps the lymph system flowing so it can do its job of ridding the body of toxins and waste byproducts. Otherwise, it will collect and manifest as disease, disorder, and disharmony within the body. Try exercises ranging from yoga, tai chi, swimming, dancing, walking or bouncing on a rebounder to calisthenic exercise, weight training, kickboxing, running, biking, and so on. The key is to pick something that you have fun doing, that way it will be a much more enjoyable experience that you are inspired to continue. As you keep your body and energy moving, you are preventing blockages and illness from occurring.

Follow Your Heart:

Following your heart connects you with your inner desires and your inner guidance and keeps you headed in a direction in life that feels natural and expansive. Without fear, doubt or disbelief, do what you love to do, do what makes you the happiest, and honor yourself and the gifts you bring to this world. Listen to music that sets your heart free. Music, specifically, the sound frequencies it carries, has incredible healing benefits. Whatever lights up your heart is the path to your well-being. All the answers you seek are within your own heart, and keeping your awareness open for that go-ahead “green light” to turn on will help you prevent resistance and disharmony in your life.

This handful of powerful tips to prevent unwellness in your life can be added into your daily routine as you see fit. Not only do they prevent dysfunction from occurring, but they also have the power to alleviate the amount of discomfort and pain you may be currently experiencing. Stay tuned for part two to learn even more prevention tips. Reach out to our healing community to learn about any of the tips above that interest you most.

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Stay tuned for Prevention Always Wins Part 2!

– The Wellness Universe