QOTD for April 15th by Rhonda Hendricks

QOTD for April 15th by Rhonda Hendricks #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 15th by Rhonda Hendricks.
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Here is her expanded thought …

TRUTH ABOUT CANCER: Although cancer has been around as long as we have, it once was a rare disease; today it\’s an epidemic. I am a cancer survivor as I was completely healed of aggressive cervical cancer. All glory to God, He led me down a path of completely restoring and creating my health by using natural methods by eliminating cancer starters.

SUGAR is the #1 cancer starter and driver and maximizes cancer inhibitors which are raw, living, high alkaline fruits and veggies. If someone promises you a pill to solve your health problems, they are trying to sell you fire insurance. Life comes from LIFE!

Good health is the result of consuming whole, unprocessed clean foods with the biggest percentage being raw and living. I\’m an avid juicer for good reason; It is a great way to get vital nutrients, enzymes, biophotons, minerals, energy and oxygen directly to your cells with 80% more absorption than just eating raw foods. Juicing fresh veggies help bring your pH alkalinity up very quickly! Cancer can NOT survive in an alkaline environment where there is an absence of sugar. If we give our body what it needs, we can create an environment that does not support cancer.

Cancer is not a thing. It is a process happening in the body because of malfunctioning cells. The solution? Restore and recreate your health. Make your cells healthy again and cancer goes away. Here are the two reasons cells malfunction, toxicity, and deficiency. These two things are the areas that need to be addressed. We are in the driver seat. If cancer can be turned on, it can also be turned off and reversed!

IT\’S A NEW DAY!  CANCER WILL NOT WIN! We can take the mystery and fear out of cancer, by shining the Light of knowledge on it. Life will prevail!

This is just a tidbit, but I hope it will inspire you to begin some healthy changes to your lifestyle, if necessary. We can all benefit greatly by eliminating sugar from our diets, adding fresh juicing, and eating the majority of our foods fresh, raw, and organic for a healthier life.

Please feel free to share this truth and post with others!

~Rhonda Hendricks

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