QOTD for April 17th by JoAnn Neurath

QOTD for April 17th by JoAnn Neurath #WUVIP #QOTD #Quote #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 17th by JoAnn Neurath.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Our minds can be completely undisciplined! Used in this context, undisciplined refers to the fact that our minds do not belong to us, they belong to themselves. We must see the truth of this strange psychic self-centeredness and then consciously put something else in the \’mirror\’.  When the mind goes through what it goes through and our attention turns to look upon the screen of our thoughts, in that instant, we will also see within it a small prayer that helps awaken us to what we really want to be for us that moment.

To illustrate further in hopes of a clearer understanding, I will share with you what I recently witnessed unfold.

A loved one arrived for surgery and upon entering the OR, staff discovered the instruments to be used were contaminated. The OR nurse informed my loved one that surgery will be cancelled and rescheduled and he would need to come back. That did not sit well with my loved one and he refused to be sent home. Upon arriving back to his room without any hesitation, he began to sincerely pray and not let menacing thoughts invade his heart space. Consciously, he placed a prayer within his own thoughts and worked to keep it there, without paying attention to his usual thoughts. It helped him from seeing only the content of \’You can\’t have surgery today\’.

This prayer he kept repeating was in essence like a message within a message, he saw it there within his own thoughts and it reassured him to remember that he sincerely believed in something higher.

The purposeful placing of any heartfelt prayer upon the mirror of your mind, along with your intention to let the direction become your own, will turn your whole life around by helping you with what is genuinely for you.

Later that morning his surgeon came into his room with a wide smile saying, \’I have rescheduled your surgery for later today”. For those who believe in answered prayer, this was a miracle unfolding for my loved one.

All of us have moments of despair when life starts to run away and tries to take us down. Keep your prayer running through you. Keep it right there on the mirror of your mind, so when you\’re in the middle of discordment with another, or a life event occurs and disrupts the flow of your life, look up and let it remind you of your wish to be for something higher.

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