QOTD for April 18th by Jennifer Maki

QOTD for April 18th by Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #QOTD #QuoteOfTheDay

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 18th by Jennifer Maki.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Extraordinary leaders of the past have always dabbled in the quirky, the madness of burning desire, the passionately insane, leaving the norm, the mundane, the status quo behind to engage in possibility.

The same is true today.

We aspiring Xtraordinary Game-Changers walk the razor\’s edge between crazy and creation and the only thing that saves us from the freefall is a grounding in our divine wisdom, our muse if you will. Those of us who long to elevate, inspire, ignite and fuel truth and heroic action in the world, must use the tools afforded us in our soulful understanding – tools like meditation, mindfulness, solitary escapades, compassionate connections.

In order for us to leverage our madness, we must come to terms with it.

This happens when we accept that: we are not alone in it, there are many, many who are mad just like us; the Universe, in fact, conspires for our greatness; and, if only we will court a love affair with our most intimate and powerful connection to the world beyond – our divine self in silence – then the possibilities are truly limitless.

How will you court your muse today? A walk? A poem? A decadent adventure-date up mountains or across hilltops? A swim in a crystal clear pool or a bask in your bathtub?

If you romance this muse, she will come, he will come. And you must, must, have pen and paper ready for flow of creation as the initiating insights, pristine plan and perfect words arrive.

To your Muse, the magic you find when you dance with him or her, and the way the world will be enlivened and enriched as you tango us all in the magnificence of your creations.

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