QOTD for April 1st by Jim Phillips

QOTD for April 1st by Jim Phillips #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #QOTD
Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 1st by Jim Phillips.
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Here is his expanded thought …
Life can only be lived in the present moment. When our present moments are wasted on the past, we are not consciously creating and therefore, experiencing the life we truly desire. The paradox is that whether we are present to it or not, what happens in each moment becomes our autobiography.

As the autobiographer of your life, you have the opportunity to create any life experiences you desire. What is it that you want? What is it about which you are most passionate? What brings you the greatest love, joy, peace and happiness? What will be your legacy?

How have you written these desires into your story? Have you allowed your story to be written to this moment by accepting what shows up? Is your story being written through reaction or conscious intent and engagement?

Are you willing to accept that what you have experienced in life is just that, your experiences of life to this moment? They can have no bearing on what happens from this point forward unless you breathe life into them by bringing them into the present moment.

Are you willing to accept and use the gift of imagination, with which you been lovingly blessed, to create life experiences that you truly desire?

Be aware of what it is you desire. Be aware of the thoughts and beliefs you hold about what is possible for you. Be aware of the correlation between your thoughts, beliefs and subsequent choices and what shows up in your life.

Like the author of any best-selling novel, you have the power to change the storyline, even the characters, of your story when it is not aligned to what you wish to tell. As the autobiographer of your life, you have the authority and responsibility to write or re-write chapters that would bring you love, joy, peace, and happiness, providing the opportunity for you to extend these blessings into the world.

– Jim

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