QOTD for April 29th by Tyler Ardizzone

QOTD for April 29th by Tyler Ardizzone #WUVIP #Quote #QOTD

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for April 29th by Tyler Ardizzone.
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Here is his expanded thought …


Each day, we are surrounded by the “what” and “how”.

“What should I do?”

“How do I do it?”

Social media and our email inboxes are littered with information that overwhelms us with “what” we should do. Save the environment! Sign up for this course on marketing! Learn how to open a can with your nostril! We are surrounded by so many what\’s, that when we finally pick one, we then ask “how” do we do the “what?”

We ask a friend, google, an expert, and ask facebook until we finally get enough information on the “how”, so we can make the “what” happen. Now, what happens? We begin to do the “what”, we may fail, we may finish, we may even forget what we wanted to do in the first place, but we eventually end up with the inevitable question – Now what?

For most of my life, I kept asking “now what?” The “What” I was focused on was never good enough, I always needed something else. I needed to learn more, do more, be more. I needed more attention, more praise, more accolades, more food. I tried to fill my cup of fulfillment up but I didn\’t see the hole in the bottom. Every action, every “what” and “how” gave me the illusion of fulfillment, until it flowed right out the bottom of my cup. Now, what?

I already know the answer to that question. I need to make a change. I thought about my father. Almost 40 years of commitment to the same profession, accounting. He started at the bottom and climbed his way up the rank, now he is a chief financial officer. Frustrated with my own efforts to stay consistent with my “what”s and “how”s, I asked my father, “Why do you do this every day?”

He said one word, “family.”

Memories of him telling me how he would do anything for me, my brother, and my mother played in my head like a father and son movie montage. Without knowing why my father does what he does for work, I thought he was crazy. Now that I know his “why”, it all makes sense. He has a purpose greater than himself that motivates him to get up every day. His love for family propels him forward.

What propels you forward? what is your “why” for your life, your relationship, your day, or more importantly, this moment?

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