QOTD for August 3rd by Krish Sarkar

QOTD for August 3rd by Krish Sarkar #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #QOTD
Amazing woman, rise above your own thoughts
Amazing woman, rise till you win your thoughts and expectations
Amazing woman, rise above the myths of faith
Amazing woman, rise above the whips of fate
Amazing woman, rise when time does not stand by your side
Amazing woman, rise till you sideline the time
Amazing woman, rise above despondency till you take the charge
Amazing woman, rise above complaints till you become indispensable
Amazing woman, rise, rise, rise till the world salutes
you for just being yourself, and for listening to your heart always.

Krish Sarkar

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for August 3rd by Krish Sarkar.
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Here is his expanded thought …

You are an amazing woman. You are born to win. You came to conquer. You are no less than anyone. You are whole and complete. Amazing woman – recognize your worth, find your true value, and you will be unstoppable.

1.    SELF-LOVE:
Amazing woman, you have a heart full of love and have love for everyone. Start loving yourself too right now. You deserve your love the most. You first need to look after yourself. You are so precious and irreplaceable. Love yourself so much that others get motivated to love themselves too. Only you can show love, how to love. Only you can give happiness a competition.

Amazing woman, there is a woman behind every man’s success. Now you need to be that woman behind your own success. Be your own motivator. Be your own encourager. Rise about your own expectations. Once you decide to rise, none can stop you. You are the most powerful creation by God, only you need to recognize that. You are born to rise. You are the motivator of your own. You are the inspiration for yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you will shine and rise.

Amazing woman, God has created you to win, as there is nothing more powerful than you. You are connected to everything, everything is connected to you. All you need is to get back that self-confidence and then there is no stopping you. Only rise. You gave confidence to so many and helped them to shine. Now once more, motivate yourself, and fill yourself with confidence. Be fearless. Be strong. One more time face the mirror without any fear. You have nothing to fear. You are so special in every sense. Once you decide to do anything and be confident about it, nobody can stop you.

Amazing woman, love yourself in an unlimited way. Shine from within and be self-confident. The whole universe will be your playground again. You will take your victory lap, and we all will clap for you with a big smile on our face.

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