QOTD for July 3rd by Heather Lang

QOTD for July 3rd by Heather Lang #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for July 3rd by Heather Lang.
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Here is her expanded thought …

We are all very different from each other in our appearance, our wisdom, our talents, opinions, and likes & dislikes. Even identical twins are not exactly the same. Each of us has our own ideas and beliefs about life, and our spiritual perspectives are just as individual and different. Our personalities are different. Even though we may have some similarities, we are unique from each other. True acceptance and understanding stems from awareness, recognizing and respecting the differences of others, just as we need to accept anything and everything else for true peace. We do not have to agree, or even like, others\’ perspectives, but it\’s important to accept them. Accept the differences, no matter what they may be, and others will accept yours as well. It helps bring more awareness and harmony to the world.

We may have similar spiritual perspectives, yet each of us has come to them in our own unique ways, paths & journeys, thereby creating our own special and unique ideas, beliefs and opinions. Whatever we do believe is perfect for us at this moment in time. It is exactly where we are supposed to be and how we have created and manifested our current now. When we are meant to move on to broaden or strengthen our spiritual perspectives, we will discover new ones for our consideration. Remember, being different isn\’t better or worse, it\’s simply different. Different is unique, special and individualized, just like you, and everyone around you.

It is through the differences that we can learn and grow. It is acceptance of the differences that we can gain more wisdom. It is through gaining wisdom that our spiritual perspectives become even more unique to us. This allows there to be an example of the peace, harmony & joy we can create on this planet by awareness, openness, and acceptance of All.


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