QOTD for June 13th by Zoe Escher

QOTD for June 13th by Zoe Escher #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 13th by Zoë Escher.
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Here is her expanded thought …

For the first few years of my schooling, I was not always the nice girl in my class. I found it difficult to sit still on my chair. I thought it was much more fun to climb out of the window during class and run into the forest with the boys to play. It was not always well set and as the years went by, I learned what was \’right\’ and \’wrong\’ and how I should behave.

Like so many other young people, I took a degree and in the last year of my study, I looked forward to my first job with excitement. I had spent some time thinking about my career path, future jobs, fun colleagues and rewarding managers. However, the reality was a little different.

Most companies, especially the big companies, have clear norms, rules and expectations of how you are supposed to fit into the job and what you should be able to do to succeed in a specific position. In some of the jobs I have had, I did not thrive. I felt that I had to compromise on my personality; I worked a lot without my work being noticed and I did not feel comfortable at my job. I missed using my creative side of my personality.

At that time, I had practiced the Japanese martial art \’Kendo Intensive\’ for some years and through practice, I had developed several traits in my personality. I traveled to Japan, I went to training camps and I did eat a lot of sushi in Tokyo. Besides practice, I also took part in competitions in Europe and after a while, I got a knee injury and had to go through surgery. My time as a Kendo player at an Elite level was over, but I still loved Japan and sushi.

I quit my job in Denmark and I traveled to Los Angeles to become a Japanese trained sushi chef. After a period of time, when I returned to Denmark, I chose to become an entrepreneur and build a business that considered my knee injury and also in accordance with my personality. It took a few years to build the business. In that period, I had my doubts several times. I was not sure if I was doing the right thing because my business is very different compared to other businesses. However, every time I was in doubt I listened to my heart and it felt right.

Today I have a unique, successful and diversified business where Japan is the focal point. It fills up my heart with joy that I can contribute and make a positive difference for individual and corporate clients.

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